Door Lock Security: How Smart Locks Protect What Matters Most

Door lock security keeping children safe outside.

Today, protecting your home is easier than ever. If you’ve built your life around a strong foundation of family and loved ones, it’s also more important than ever. Today, accessible smart home systems offer cost-effective DIY setup, self-monitoring convenience, door lock security and tons of customizability. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your door lock protection and level up your monitoring options.

No matter how clever an intruder can be, up-to-date smart home security ensures you stay even smarter


Door Lock Security: The Benefits of Wi-Fi Smart Locks

According to the FBI’s own Crime Data Explorer, 25 percent of thieves gain access to a home from the front or back door. As such, door lock security is essential to safeguarding your belongings and loved ones. 

Below are a few of the key benefits of door lock security–and, yes, we just made a bad “key” pun. But you’ll need fewer key rings with our streamlined smart system.

Keyless Door Locks 

Home security has never been so straightforward. You can easily install digital keypads, Wi-Fi-connected locks and fingerprint readers like Lockly’s Secure Pro Smart Lock into your home, replacing the need for physical keys. What’s more, all of the above options are a whole lot safer than hiding a spare key under the welcome mat. 

Stronger Security

Jimmying an old-school door lock isn’t very difficult. Do you know what is very difficult? Faking a fingerprint identity. With the biometric security options, Lockly Flex Touch offers, your lock will be far less prone to theft and hacking. Lockpicking becomes a problem of the past. Optional cameras like those you’ll find in our Vision series include the benefit of monitoring, keeping your home under your watchful eye 24/7.

Straightforward Operation

No more jiggling your key. Wi-FI smart locks, keypads and fingerprint-powered locks couldn’t be more straightforward to operate–or more effortless to set up. Simply set a one-time code or permanent password on your electronic door lock and share it with whomever you’d like.

Pleasing Aesthetics 

Digital, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart locks straight-up improve the overall look of your home. They elevate the aesthetics with a sleek, streamlined appearance that can significantly up your curb appeal.

How Do Smart Locks Protect People and Possessions? 

Let’s begin with home security 101. While door lock security is essential, smart home security systems work as a cohesive combination of devices that operate toward one crucial goal: keeping your home and the people inside it safe. While door lock protection bolsters some of your home’s most vulnerable access points, other components of smart home security systems protect your belongings and loved ones with real-time monitoring, high-decibel alarms, access point alerts and security notifications sent straight to your smartphone.

Keeping Your Family Safe

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 60 percent of burglary incidents occur in residential areas. Particularly if your family includes children or elderly family members, knowing exactly when a door opens or closes can make or break safety. Lockly’s Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks will send you an app-based notification when anyone in your home comes or goes. With its removable thumb-turn access, our Dementia-Proof Secure Plus Smart Lock makes life easier for vulnerable individuals. 

The Whole Package

With more people shopping online than ever before, package theft has unfortunately become a legitimate issue for home and business owners alike.

With Lockly Vision, the first-ever doorbell camera smart lock, you can review video and audio recordings. You can also live-stream footage directly to your phone or smart device. Want to grant temporary access to trusted delivery persons when high-value items arrive? Lockly vision can help. 

Guaranteed Security, From Anywhere

Speaking of remote video, let’s explore the remote management of accessory properties. Airbnbs, rentals, second homes and temporary residences have grown in popularity in recent years. With easy setup and even easier operation, smart security cameras can help you validate the guests at your Colorado Vrbo while you’re in Cabo. Temporary access privileges or sharing codes make check-in truly contactless while keeping your property locked down when guests aren’t around. 

Protecting Your Valuables

The FBI reports that a burglary occurs every 6.2 seconds, accounting for about $3 billion in property losses and averaging $2,661 of average loss per offense. Valuables, especially jewelry and precious metals, are among the most targeted items. Smart home security protects these valuables as well as any essential documents, sensitive files or priceless personal mementos you keep in your home. With our Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt, you don’t have to invest much to protect your biggest investments. 

The Convenience Factor

Hassle-free, keyless entry doesn’t just mean that you’ll never lose your keys in the couch cushions again. It also means you can unlock your door from your warm car with your iPhone instead of stumbling in the dark with half-frozen keys. It means you can stop running to the door every five seconds when you’re hosting a party and still platting appetizers. It means you have hands-free access control with Hey Google and Alexa when you have your hands full with the kids. You get the idea. 

For Your Peace of Mind

Despite their price, valuables are often ultimately replaceable. But your family and those closest to you are not. Peace of mind is equally invaluable. Cutting-edge smart home security devices like Lockly’s help you monitor your home to keep those you love safe. Make Lockly a part of the family today to ease your mind with the world’s most advanced smart locks. 



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