LOCKLY + BILT: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Smart lock Installation

Working to build your new home can be stressful. With workloads such as replacing broken appliances or refurbishing dilapidated furniture, you’d want to reduce the costs by doing some of the physical labor yourself, as much as possible. 

These days, the trend of using smart gadgets is nothing new, from smartwatches to even smart cars, a lot have converted into smart users in the past few years. Despite this, people are still wondering whether it’s just as safe and easy to install on their own.

Though it’s attached to numerous advanced and high tech features, it’s easy to install on household doors. To add to that, Lockly has even partnered up with an application called BILT to provide its users with more convenience while going through the process.

The BILT app comes in handy because you can register your lock through it. With complete guides to lock installation and product registration, the Lockly smart lock and the BILT application serve as the complete package. Truly, they are your partner in innovation.

This app also tells the user how much time, the tools required, how many steps, and the number of people needed to install the lock. It also has an overview of all the parts of the lock so you can make sure that you do not lose any of them.

To make things more clear, check out this demo video showing the whole installation process through the use of the BILT app:

 You can now install the best smart locks for home on your own without breaking a sweat! For a process this easy, you are assured of your family and your home’s safety whenever and wherever you are.