Maximizing Your Smart lock: Connecting Your Lockly with Alexa

To know more on Alexa works with Lockly smart lock check out this video. 

Based on a study conducted on a sample size by Discovery Inc. in the United States, the most owned Home Voice Assistant is Amazon’s Alexa.

If you are only connecting your smart locks with your smartphones, missing out on the full capabilities of their protective gadgets. With just a few easy steps, you can connect your Alexa with your Lockly smart lock and maximize the benefits of your smart lock.

Connecting your Lockly to your Amazon Alexa is a piece of cake. You can seamlessly do this via the Lockly Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub and door sensors. Once the smart lock and sensors have been installed on the door, just plug in the Wi-fi Hub on a nearby outlet and the light on the hub should indicate that it is already connected to the Wi-fi router.

To pair the Alexa, simply go to the Alexa app, type in Lockly in the search connections tab, proceed to click the Authorize button to confirm the pairing, and you’re done! 

Learn how to set up your Lockly smart lock and Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub with Alexa, click on this link.

Locking and unlocking your doors is as easy as it gets. With voice recognition from your Alexa device, you can open and lock your doors without having to touch it. 

With the included door sensor, you can monitor if your door is open or closed, enabling to give real-time door status- whenever your door is unlocked or ajar.

Check out the required voice security codes for unlocking bellow:

  • “Alexa, unlock my front Door. *
  • Alexa, is my front Door locked?
  • Hi Alexa, lock my front Door.
  • Alexa, is my Front Door unlocked?

*Unlock requests will require additional voice security codes. 

How Will Matter Change Alexa Connectivity?

One current challenge in smart home adoption lies in ecosystem fragmentation, with proprietary standards such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, Samsung SmartThings causing devices to occassionally struggle with compatibility. Yet a solution is on the horizon with Matter, an upcoming smart home standard that aims to eliminate interoperability issues, providing a unified protocol that allows smart devices to work together seamlessly. This development has the potential to bring about a simplified and connected future in smart home technology.

Stay Touch-Free With Lockly

In this time where people are very conscious of the things they come in contact with, touching objects is the last thing you’d want to stress you out. Connect your Alexa with your Lockly smart lock now and make the most out of its advanced capabilities.