Secure Your Homes from Intruders Using Smart Locks

A smart lock can level up your home security against intruders. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks aren’t easy to pick or pry. It will also send alerts in case someone attempts to break in or disarm the device. The best smart locks for home can prevent theft, unauthorized access, and other crimes from occurring.

Below are some of the ways a smart lock can secure your property:

Security camera and lock in one. 

With a video doorbell smart lock, you’ll have better security and an eye in your home. You can see who’s standing at the front door through your smartphone. Whether you’re home or not, you can see the person trying to access your property. A smart lock with video camera will also let you check your family members and pets.

No keys that could be stolen

Are you still keeping a hideaway key underneath your doormat? If so, it’s time to switch to a smart lock. A fingerprint deadbolt lock eliminates the need for an actual key. Instead, your fingerprint will be the virtual key that can’t be stolen or lost. It will reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your home.

Monitor remotely

A fingerprint smart door lock pairs with a smartphone app that lets you monitor your home remotely. You can review access history as well as failed attempts. It will let you check your home if something is amiss. This feature is added peace of mind while you’re away for vacation, business trip, work, or errands.

Better accessibility with higher security

A WiFi fingerprint door lock provides better home accessibility without compromising your security. For example, you can create unique codes for guests that will expire in a specific period. And here at Lockly, we have touchscreen controls that shuffle the digit location to prevent it from being picked.

Simple and convenient system

With smart locks, your home security will be simple and convenient. There’s no need to fumble through a bunch of keys or worry about the keys being stolen. It also makes access convenient for kids and the elderly with mobility issues. Smart locks are very inclusive systems that will benefit every home, big or small.

Pick-proof security

Unlike traditional locks, smart locks are extremely hard to disarm. Any attempt to destroy the device will send alerts to the owner through the smartphone app. This will help homeowners foil a burglary attempt and catch the perpetrator in time.

Safety in style

Above all, a smart lock is a stylish addition to your front door. It has a futuristic and modern look available in a wide range of designs. Here at Lockly, we offer stylish smart locks to complement your door. Now, you can secure your home with added aesthetics without dipping into your savings.

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Smart locks are your first line of defense against intruders. Gone are the days when this technology is exclusive for high-rise buildings. As thieves become stealthier in their ways, you need to level up your security at home. You can now get a smart lock equipped with cameras, detectors, and remote functions to monitor your home 24/7.