5 Reasons Why a Smart Lock is a Smart Choice for Airbnb Rental

As an Airbnb host, your goal is to ensure your guests enter your unit hassle-free, comfortably, and secure. Here are 5 reasons why a smart lock is a smart choice for your rental property:

1. No need to rekey the locks

With a smart lock, you don’t have to worry about rekeying the locks due to guests losing their keys. You can give guests instant access by having them scan their fingerprints or by entering a 6-8 digit access code. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals entering your property and when your renter stay is over, you can simple revoke their access digitally.  Most importantly, these keyless options lock your door automatically the moment you close it. 

2. Facilitates check-ins and checkouts for your guests

One of the best parts about having a smart lock for your vacation rental is that it helps cut down on management. A LOCKLY smart lock allows you to send an Offline Access Code™ to guests remotely without your guests needing to download the app. Offline Access Codes grant temporary access to guests that will expire when they check out, helping you and your guests save time.

3. You’ll always know who’s at your door 

A smart lock is so convenient that you can even see and greet guests when they arrive. LOCKLY Vision™ has a built-in HD video doorbell with real-time video streaming on your smartphone and real-time 2-way voice interaction. Recordings are stored locally on the TF card, with no monthly fees, and you can access video recordings from anywhere using the app. 

4. Makes management a breeze

Smart locks allow you to manage all of your property smart locks on your smartphone or online portal, so you’ll always know who has access rights with complete traceability. They also give you complete access control by letting you lock and unlock doors, authorize or revoke access, and limit access to specific days and times.

With LOCKLY OS, managing 1 to a 1000 rental properties is easy. You can view and control where, when, and by whom your LOCKLY smart locks are being used from anywhere in the world. 

Guests Arriving at their Airbnb and Get In with a Lockly Vision

5. Increases your Airbnb occupancy rate

A smart lock provides a wide range of features that take your security to the next level. When scouting for a rental property to book, many guests look for security features. At LOCKLY, we offer smart locks that not only add curb appeal but also increases security for peace of mind. Providing your guests with a secure, glitch-free experience from LOCKLY smart locks will most likely land you excellent reviews and more bookings.