Why Your Business Needs Access Control Technology

A smart lock representing access control technology

Your business is, well, busy. It’s almost right there in the name. Your employees, customers and visitors are constantly on the go, entering and exiting through entryways that aren’t always as closely monitored as they should be. To properly safeguard your business, it is essential to invest in access control technology.

Access control technology refers to the web of devices that secure your business by preventing and detecting unauthorized entry. Whether you own or operate a high-traffic brick-and-mortar retail establishment or manage a rental property or an Airbnb, smart locks and smart security systems with granular access control features are crucial investments for protecting your assets and your employees alike.   

Why is Access Control Technology Essential?

Access control technology can combat theft and protect monetary assets in a variety of ways. 

Per the National Retail Federation’s 2020 Organized Retail Crime Survey, US retail locations lose an average of $719,548 per $1 billion to organized theft. Zippia reports that approximately 75 percent of US businesses suffer from employee theft, too, costing an average of 5% of an organization’s revenue each year. That’s about $50 billion annually in theft.

Below are the key benefits that access control technology can bring to your business.

Enhanced Security

According to the New York Times, the mere presence of a surveillance system can lead to a nearly 50-percent drop in all crime types. If you recall that combo of organized and employee theft, that’s a big loss prevention boon for your business.

Smart locks contain enhanced security features like the PIN Genie touchscreen, which shuffles random PINs for each entry attempt, can be invaluable for preventing code leaks, whether from former employees or delivery and persons you can’t keep track of. The Lockly Vision series adds doorbell cameras to the mix, with full HD video recording, 2-way audio communication and live streaming straight to your smart device. 

Of course, every entrepreneur knows that time is money. Smart locks like the latest Vision Elite offer high-energy lithium rechargeable batteries with solar-enhanced charging to provide long-lasting power, meaning no downtime for your business operations.

Painless Installation

The one thing most business owners lack is time. We get it. And they’re naturally pretty conscious of budget, too. 

Smart home security systems won’t stress either factor. With Lockly, you can install all devices in a do-it-yourself style in a matter of minutes, with heaps of video installation tutorials available at our site. While HomeAdvisor estimates that the average installation cost for a basic alarm system is $694, DIY smart security installation won’t cost you a penny.

Reasonable Price Point

Particularly for small businesses, every single expenditure counts. Smart locks make for affordable, simple and seamless solutions that can drastically bolster the security of an outdated lock-and-key system. For an all-in-one package solution, our 4-Piece Premium Kit with Secure Pro Latch adds HD surveillance tech and advanced access control technology by combining a Lockly Vision, a Secure Pro Latch Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, a doorknob and a yard sign. That’s a one-time investment to prevent a lifetime of potential losses. 

Integrated Smart Systems

Smart features like remote locking and unlocking and two-way doorbell talk elevate smart access control technology from a business convenience to a business essential.  

Property managers running an Airbnb, Vrbo, or short-term rental can save valuable time by granting approved guests remote access with revocable eKeys & eBadges via Lockly app or Lockly\OS, then securely lock down the property when it’s not in use. Brick-and-mortar businesses never have to miss a delivery, no matter the hour, with temporary PIN and remote unlocking features — same goes for granting access to trusted service persons, cleaning staff, or repair crews at any hour of the day. Managers will know exactly when employees arrive and when they clock out thanks to log history tracking. They can make sure unexpected hiccups don’t interrupt the flow of business by granting anytime access to essential staff, whether the boss is in a meeting 2,000 miles away or just working from home.

At the end of the day, convenience features like temporary PINs, eKeys or eBadges access and remote monitoring go beyond improving the safety of your business. They can also dramatically improve its overall operating efficiency. And you can’t put a price tag on that.

Smart Locks Make for Smart Business

Protecting your monetary assets is reason enough to invest in access control technologies like smart locks. You’ll find features like foolproof biometric 3D fingerprint readers and advanced peek-proof PIN keypads on hardware like Lockly’s Wi-Fi Enabled Secure Pro Smart Lock or Secure Pro High Traffic Smart Deadbolt. The highly customizable and fully remote app-based access control technology takes your security and efficiency to the next level.

Your business is an investment. From small to complex, to mom-and-pop to national franchises, each business and its investment is different. That means some issues call for expert consultation. Consult with a Lockly Pro at (669) 500-8835 to keep your investments secure so you can focus on growth and not worry about setbacks.


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