What Should I Look for in a Smart Lock?

Smart locks are the hot new trend in the security industry. As a leader in smart lock technology, we take security seriously here at Lockly. If you want smart locks for your home, you must look for the following features:

Excellent battery life. You can never afford to let your guard down! Whether your system uses lithium-ion or alkaline cells, it should offer very long battery life. Our Lockly smart locks last up to a year with a battery backup for your peace of mind!

Reliable fingerprint recognition. The best smart locks for home use your fingerprint as the key. This is why the unit should have an unfailing recognition system. Here at Lockly, our smart locks can store and recognize up to 99 fingerprints with lighting fast reading. It’s ideal for shared homes!

Smart home integration. You can take your smart locks to a whole new level by integrating it into voice-powered systems. Our locks give you this convenience with its Alexa and Google Assistant compatible system.

Wireless feature. With our Lockly smart locks, you no longer have to fumble with wires and switches. Your security is now wireless, with better accuracy and efficiency. Our locks will transform your home into a safe space.

Mobile control. You can now monitor the security of your home from afar. Our locks have a mobile app control that lets you lock and unlock doors anytime you want. You can also create codes for family and friends.

Secure number pad. One of the tactics thieves use is looking on the smudges on your smart lock to crack your code. With our locks, this will not happen. Our secure digital pad shuffles the number displays every time. Even your neighbors can’t peek on your code.

best smart locks for home.

Are smart door locks worth it?

Smart locks are the modern way of securing your home. Here at Lockly, we believe that monitoring your home doesn't stop when you leave your doorsteps. Our smart locks offer a swift way to check on your home's security. You can also find a smart lock with a video camera so you can have an eye on your property 24/7.

Unlike traditional locks, our smart locks can’t be picked, bumped, or cut. We design with an ever-changing number keypad with a long list of security features. It might look like a small package, but Lockly smart locks are fortresses that keep your home safe.

Smart locks are also convenient. You no longer have to have a key on you to get in the door. With our smart locks, your fingerprint is the key – something that even the most notorious thieves can't steal.

When our locks detected multiple failed attempts, it will shut down for one hour. This gives you time to reach your home and check who's trying to get into your property.

Above all, smart locks offer remote access. You can create codes and open or close locks even if you’re not at home. Your family members will have peace of mind that they don’t have a key to lose.

Smart locks are also stylish and easier to set up than traditional locks. You can even set an automatic lock time when your smart locks shut on its own.