Lockly Makes Being an Airbnb Host Easy for Eddie: Customer Story

There is no greater satisfaction for a company than to hear positive feedback from a customer. Today we’d like to share feedback given to us by Eddie, a recent purchaser of our Lockly Secure Deadbolt, and how he uses it on his Airbnb property.

Like many Airbnb hosts who have dedicated properties that they rent out on Airbnb, Eddie was tired of either having to be on call and meet up with the guests when they checked in or using that flimsy manual lock box to leave physical keys.

A Hand Fingers Entering a Code on a Lock Box

He had been doing some reading on forums about how a guest had actually decided to make a copy of the keys and came back to the property at a later time. He decided it was time to get a smart lock and found Lockly on Amazon.com. After comparing many models, he felt the Lockly Secure Deadbolt best suited his needs.

Easy Check In, Easy Check Out

With his Lockly Secure Deadbolt, Eddie no longer needs to give guests a physical key. He simply issues an eKey up to 72 hours in advance of his guests arriving. He likes that he can give his guests access from a certain date and time until their stay is up. There’s no key to give and no key to return, the code simply doesn’t work after the guests are due to check out.

Drop a Key to Another Person

Lockly Can Be High Tech and Low Tech, All at the Same Time

While Eddie loves the ability to use his smartphone with the app, he knows that not all his guests are tech savvy and that’s where he says “Offline Access Codes save the day”. For those unfamiliar with our Offline Access Code, they are pre-programmed codes that can be activated without the usage of the app, but still set to expire after a certain number of days. For guests who want more functionality, Eddie always sets them up as Guests with an eKey to activate in their mobile app. This way, those guests have the option and ease of unlocking with a code and their phone.

No More Accidental Lock Outs

One of the best parts of owning a Lockly Eddie says is not having to worry about guests losing their keys. He told us he can’t remember how many times in the past he’s had to wake up in the middle of the night because a guest lost their keys or locked themselves out somehow and had to go let them back into the property. Now, the code is saved on their phone and all he has to worry about is people who can’t figure out the thermostat.

No More Accidental Lock Outs with a Lockly App

Lockly is Great for Frequent Visitors

Eddie told us that he always has the same cleaners tidy up his Airbnb after guests check out. He didn’t want to make them a physical key but wanted them to have access without having to let them in. He made them an access code as a Trusted User and monitors when they’ve accessed the property.

A Suggestion…

Though Eddie loves how convenient Lockly is and feels that most of the features are useful to him, he did have one suggestion: It would be great if administrators could access the lock remotely, so they wouldn’t have to rely on guests with app connection to update the log. We’re actually one step ahead of you Eddie! The Lockly Secure Link is now available for pre-order and is backwards compatible with previously purchased Lockly Secure and Lockly Secure Plus locks to allow remote access anywhere as long as you have your smartphone and internet.

With Lockly Secure, Eddie’s Airbnb hosting has experienced great convenience, and he enjoys that peace of mind of not having to worry about his house’s security. We’re glad to hear it Eddie and we truly appreciate the wonderful feedback!