5 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Lock for Your Home and Office

With burglars getting more and more advanced with their tactics, you have to keep up with better security. A Bluetooth smart lock will secure your home and office more efficiently than traditional keyed locks. And with WiFi smart lock for homes, you will also enjoy more features.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to a WiFi fingerprint door lock:

1. You no longer have to keep any key

So your hands are full of groceries, and you still have to fish out your keys from your pocket? With a keyless door lock, you no longer have to deal with this. You simply have to scan your fingerprint or enter a code to access your home or office.

This means you don’t have keys to lose. It reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals entering your property. Most of all, this modern option locks your door the moment you close it.

2. You can let your friends in

With an electronic door lock, you can let your neighbors and friends in even if you’re away. You can set up a temporary code that they can use to access your property. This code will expire automatically, so you no longer have to reset it.

There’s no need to duplicate keys and worry that they would land in the wrong hands. You can even set a timeframe when the person can access your lock.

3. You have a rental property.

Smart locks for Airbnb don’t just give a good first impression. It also secures your guests, which will likely land you excellent reviews. Also, many guests look for security features when scouting for a rental property to book.

Also, you don’t have to rekey your locks after each booking. A smart lock will let you set up a temporary code that will expire after your guests check out. You can also automate the check-in and check-out hours to prevent overstaying.

best smart locks for home

4. You can monitor entry attempts.

The beauty of the best smart locks for home is it allows you to see who’s on your doorstep. At Lockly, we offer smart locks with built-in cameras that will serve as the eye in your home. You can also monitor entry records and failed attempts.

Smart locks will also send a notification to the mobile app if someone is present at your door. We ensure that our locks have very low to zero false detections.

5. It offers convenience for the elderly.

For the elderly and disabled individuals, smart locks make their lives easier. Those with shaky hands and mobility issues will find it hard to fish out and put a key on the lock. Instead, you can simply program their fingerprint for easy entry.

A smart lock doesn’t require the person to grip and twist knobs. It’s more accessible and inclusive for anyone with health problems.


A Bluetooth smart lock like the Peek-Proof Lockly Secure Plus, provides a wide range of features to elevate the security of your property. Whether it’s your home or your office, automating your security will provide more benefits. It’s added peace of mind, not to mention the stylish touch.