How to Choose the Right Smart Lock for your Home

A Lockly Smart lock electronic door lock.

Why Are Smart Locks Essential?

An electronic door lock will level up your home security. This modern device is more secured than typical cylinder locks. And since it has smart functions, you can monitor entry to your home wherever you are.

It can be challenging, however, to find the best smart locks for your home. Here at Lockly®, we make high-quality smart locks that will last for years. If you’re scouting for a smart lock, you should consider the following:

Reliable Protocol

The first thing you should consider when picking smart locks for your home is the connectivity protocol used.

A Bluetooth smart lock is common because nearly every smartphone is compatible. When you’re within range of 30 feet (10 meters), a Bluetooth connection enables you to control your lock and grant access to others. Bluetooth doesn’t consume much power either.

On the other hand, other smart locks use Z-Wave technology. This protocol doesn’t connect to your phone automatically. You have to connect this protocol to a Z-Wave compatible hub. Lockly's Z-Wave compatible models¹ can be ordered through our Customer Care Team Hotline: (669) 500 – 8835.

Lastly, modern smart locks use Wi-Fi or other wireless network connection. This will let you monitor your lock remotely as long as you and the lock have an internet connection. Wi-Fi-enabled or network-connected locks allow you access anywhere and provide real-time updates whenever you need them. And like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection or other wireless network connections don’t drain your lock’s battery.

Mode of Entry

Next, you should check the mode of entry of your smart lock. Most smart locks use a keypad to program entry codes. Such codes can be changed and programmed temporarily to give guest access without compromising your home’s security.

A keypad entry can be paired with a biometric function. This is a foolproof entry method since the lock will only recognize fingerprints programmed in it.


Smart locks are praised for their accuracy, but not all of them are made equal. Here at Lockly®, we guarantee the accuracy of our lock’s 3D fingerprint sensor as well as the connection to the app. Our smart locks undergo intensive testing and quality control to ensure that they will be reliable for years.

Door Compatibility

Lockly deadbolt and latch have a universal fit because they can be installed on the most popular standard door thickness, backset measurements, and left/right handing. 

Lockly smart locks are also very easy to install, with everything you need all packed inside the box. At Lockly, we will help you find the right keyless smart lock for your home, so you don't waste your hard-earned money on a smart lock that doesn't work for your home.

Please read our Door Measurement Guide if you need help prepping your door for a new deadbolt or latch. 

Connectivity and Monitoring

Smart locks need to have an intuitive phone app where homeowners can monitor entry records. The same app will let you program codes, limit access, and receive notifications whenever someone tries to unlock the door.

Failsafe Feature

As much as smart locks are made with top-notch security, it's not 100% foolproof. That is where a failsafe system comes in handy. A mechanical failsafe, or a key, overrides the lock in the event of power issues. This failsafe applies if you forget your code or don't have your phone with you.

Power Source

Finally, check the power source of your electronic door lock. Most smart locks nowadays are battery-powered for wireless and convenience. In a low-battery situation, Lockly smart locks can still operate up to 300 cycles. Lockly also provides a physical backup key and a 9V battery connection socket for emergency power backup to access the keypad if your smart lock runs out of battery.

Secure Your Home with a Lockly Smart Lock

Lockly smart locks ensure the complete safety and security of your home. Learn more about our top-rated smart locks here

¹ Lockly Secure Plus Deadbolt Edition, Lockly Secure Plus Latch Edition & Lockly Secure Lux with built-in Z-Wave modules are available for pre-order. Contact our Customer  Care hotline to get a quote or email: