How to Prevent Your Packages from Being Stolen

One of the greatest inconveniences and nuisances when it comes to ordering something online is having your package stolen off your front porch. It is almost next to impossible to recover these missing packages. If it’s happened to you, you’re definitely not the only one—it’s a growing trend that affects many.

According to a USA TODAY news report, over one-third of all the American packages have been stolen since the year of 2017. The cases of theft usually increase during the holiday seasons such as the Cyber Monday and the Black Friday. These package stealing thieves are often dubbed “porch pirates”. You may wonder what can be done prevent your eBay, USPS, FedEx, UPS, or Amazon packages from being stolen by someone you didn’t know. How can you stop your packages from going missing?

Packages Outside Home

The following are solid solutions that will help you to avoid your packages from being stolen off your porch or front door by porch pirates:

Deliver All Your Packages to Your Office or Workplace

Most thieves take advantage of the fact that you are at work during the day, and thus unavailable to immediately bring your package aside. They boldly stride up to your door during the daytime and whisk away your parcel long before you get home. To avoid the situation of having your package left out all day, choose to deliver packages that you know will arrive during the work week to your office instead. Even if you step out for lunch or a break, your co-workers will be able to accept your package for you. This way your package will never be left out for thieves.

Take Advantage of Amazon Lockers

Amazon Locker - Order at Amazon Pick Up Here

Amazon now has Amazon lockers all over the country that you can choose to have your package delivered to instead. When checking out, select delivery to an Amazon locker near you and Amazon will email you a 6-digit passcode to unlock the locker once you complete your order.

Install Security Cameras to Prevent Package Theft

Installing a security camera is often enough to scare away would be thieves. It is a deterrent that lets people know that they are under surveillance. Have the camera pointed at your front door or wherever your packages are dropped off and make sure it is visible. Consider an HD camera that also has night vision for the best coverage.

Require Signature on Delivery

Signature on Delivery

For valuable packages, always request that a signature be required upon delivery. This will guarantee that the package will be delivered directly to a resident of your home and never left out. If you are unable to sign for the package when it is being delivered, it will be held at the local delivery office and you must provide photo ID to retrieve it. This may be an extra step but will make sure that you or your family will be the only ones that will receive your parcel.