Are Lockly Smart Lock and Alexa Compatible?

Lockly Smart Lock Works with Alexa

A smart lock can protect your home with a physical key/eKey, touch, PIN or mobile app. Lockly Smart Lock is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to manage your device by voice command. It’s easy to set up and adds another layer of seamless security to your home and property.

Are Lockly Smart Locks and Alexa Compatible? 

Yes, practically all Lockly smart locks are Alexa compatible.The Secure Pro series and Vision series are compatible on the get go and the other locks need a Wi-Fi bridge ( sold separately) to be compatible with Alexa. Amazon Echo, the device used by Alexa, as both a helper and a hub. It’s a popular device that accounts for 68% of the smart speaker market in the United States, where there are an estimated 47 million devices.

Because Alexa is compatible with over 7,000 Internet of Things (IoT) brands, it’s the top-rated voice platform for connecting devices inside and outside your home. Lockly customers can benefit from the fact that our smart locks are among those compatible devices. As long as your sensors and Wi-Fi hub are installed and connected, it’s easy to integrate your devices with Alexa. Once you’re set up, you can unlock, lock or check the status of your Smart Lock by simple voice command. 

Key(less) Benefits of Lockly and Alexa Integration

You might prefer voice-activated command over physical access for a number of reasons. The key perk of Lockly and Alexa integration is that you don’t need to choose one over the other. Since you can enable all features simultaneously, you can choose whichever one suits you at the time. 

Real-Time Door Status

With Alexa, you can check whether your door is unlocked, locked or ajar with the following commands:

  • “Alexa, unlock my front door.”*
  • “Alexa, is my front door locked?”
  • “Hi Alexa, lock my front door.”
  • “Alexa, is my front door unlocked?”

Note: Unlock requests will require additional voice security codes. 

Enhanced Connectivity

As technology evolves, we’re moving away from locks that you can only operate in person. In our hyper-connected world, we no longer need to leave one part of our house to open the door for someone on the porch. Let your words do the work over Wi-Fi or other wireless network protocols

Touchless Control

For those with mobility issues, fiddling with keys and PIN codes can be an obstacle to navigate. Likewise, if you’ve got your hands full with bags or furniture you might not be able to use your fingerprint to unlock your door. With Alexa, voice control you aren’t compromising security for convenience. Voice-activated signals are as unique and secure as your PIN, biometric fingerprint or physical key. 

How to Connect Your Smart Lock to Alexa

We’ve established that smart locks and Alexa are compatible. So how do you connect the two? You can seamlessly do so via the Plug-n-Play Vision Connect Hub for Vision and wired door sensors. Once you have installed the smart lock and sensors on your door, just plug in the Connect Hub on a nearby outlet. The light on the hub should indicate that it is already connected to the Wi-Fi router. To pair the Alexa, simply go to the Alexa app and type in Lockly in the search connections tab. Next, click the Authorize button to confirm the pairing, and you’re done! 

To learn more about how Alexa works with Lockly smart lock, check out this video:

If you'd like to learn how to set up your Lockly smart lock and Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub with Alexa, check out our LOCKLY Secure Pro Deadbolt Edition Alexa tutorial.

Smart Locks like the Lockly Vision™, the world’s first smart lock with a doorbell camera, are must-have gadgets in today’s innovative home security landscape. Adding Alexa’s voice-activated functionality to your set-up hands allows you complete control as a homeowner. To enjoy a next-level, personalized, customized smart lock experience, connect your Alexa with your Lockly Smart Lock now and make the most out of its advanced capabilities!