Everything You Need to Know About Video Doorbell Smart Locks

Video Doorbell Smart Locks

Is somebody watching your house, waiting for you to drop your guard? Or is someone ringing your doorbell when you’re not there? Whether you’re away from home or asleep inside, you can now stay one step ahead with a video doorbell smart lock. Find out how this innovative, next-generation technology allows you to see everything you need, wherever you are. 

And it’s not just about security — video doorbell smart locks give you unprecedented control and convenience where access to your home is concerned. 

What Are Video Doorbell Smart Locks?

This exciting upgrade combines a smart lock and a high-resolution video doorbell in one unit, taking the existing smart lock innovation to the next level. The camera, smart lock and deadbolt are all integrated, and the whole system can be monitored from a single app or hub, letting you secure your home and monitor it while away with just a single device. 

More than 16% of American homes now feature some kind of video doorbell system, but up until now smart locks and video doorbells have typically been two separate devices. Even the top selling doorbells in the market have to be combined with a secondary lock to provide a complete security solution. That’s cumbersome, complex and costly. To make things less complicated, the video doorbell smart lock is now the single, all-in-one solution for homeowners. 

How Do Video Doorbell Smart Locks Work?

Video doorbells enhance the functionality of a smart lock to provide a full-access system solution. The addition of the camera means that the homeowner can instantly view who’s using the lock or ringing the doorbell. They can speak to the person via intercom, without even having to be inside the house.

Not only can you grant or deny access to whoever’s trying to access your lock, but you can view your porch area in real-time — some even at night with night vision capability — and record any significant activity. Essentially, you can know who’s coming and going anytime from anywhere. It’s not just about securing a lock. You’re managing the surrounding environment. 

Even a tiny, unobtrusive HD camera can deliver some huge benefits. For example, Lockly doorbell camera smart locks allow you to view, record and stream whoever is within range of the door-mounted unit. The video camera of Lockly smart locks can be activated when someone rings the built-in doorbell and notifications will be sent to your smartphone. By opening the Lockly app you can then see who’s outside your door, speak to them immediately or remotely open the door. Besides, you may also manually activate the camera and check the status through the Lockly app. With the newly launched Lockly Vision Elite, the video camera can also be set to come on whenever motion is detected (using the motion sensor).

Video Doorbell Smart Lock Features and Advancements

Video Doorbell Smart Locks are “smart” in the sense that their operation goes beyond the standard physical key. Instead, these locks can be opened or closed with a biometric fingerprint, PIN code, key prompt from a smartphone or fob. That wireless communication can then be integrated into a home network over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless network protocols, allowing you to monitor your smart lock from your smartphone, hub or home assistant. 

With the launch of Lockly Vision and Lockly Vision Elite, there are a lot of features from a single video doorbell smart lock. Both locks feature the following:

  • Doorbell Camera: Built-in HD video doorbell camera for video monitoring and recording, with 2-way audio and live streaming so you can greet people at your door from your smartphone.
  • Your Finger is Your Key: Quick access (<0.5 seconds) 3D biometric fingerprint sensor with storage for up to 99 fingerprints.
  • Peek-Proof Digital Keypad: Patented PIN Genie to prevent others from guessing your access code.
  • Mobile App Control: Allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere.
  • Voice Control: Integrates with Alexa or Google Assistant to unlock, lock, or check door status using your voice.
  • Programmable Auto Locking: So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the door with the customizable auto-lock feature.
  • eKeys & eBadges: Grant revocable access to family, friends and visitors via the Lockly app.
  • Offline Access Codes™: Grant access codes to trusted users (ie. workers or carers) even offline. 

Available on Vision Elite:

  • HD camera with night vision up to 15 feet. Stay secure after dark. 
  • Motion sensor to send alerts to your smartphone or auto-record whenever motion is detected
  • High energy rechargeable lithium batteries and solar recharging panel for zero downtime

8 Benefits of Video Doorbell Smart Locks

Your peace of mind is simply much greater when you know exactly who’s standing in front of your door, even when you’re not home. Video doorbell smart locks combine the visibility that motion sensors and cameras provide, with the functionality of being able to modify access accordingly. 

1. Clear deliveries

These days we’re more likely to have food, groceries or packages delivered straight to our door. With a video doorbell, you can identify whoever is ringing and speak to them via the intercom. You never have to put yourself at risk. 

2. Send porch pirates packing

210 million packages disappeared from American porches in just one year. Your video doorbell can confirm that a package was delivered, and record anyone who may have pounced to steal it while you were away. 

3. Remote intercom

You can’t always be home, but you can still welcome or turn away visitors via intercom and confirm the identity of whoever you’re talking to via camera. 

4. Night vision

With added infrared night vision, Lockly’s brand new Vision Elite smart lock allows you to see through the dark up to 15 feet away. By integrating it with your home security system, you can keep a lookout during the hours when your home is most vulnerable.

5. Access scrutiny

Video monitoring gives an extra layer of protection against thieves who are intent on picking a lock or tampering with a keypad. They have nowhere to hide. 

6. Remote access

Make it easier to buzz in cleaners or repair workers, for example, so that they can provide their services even when you’re not there. 

7. Better accessibility

Not everyone has the dexterity or mobility to use a keypad, sensor or key. With video access, you can unlock remotely with no manual processes required.

8. Subscription-free storage

Most video doorbells require subscriptions, but Lockly’s video doorbell smart lock is offered subscription free. You can access your recordings locally (via app), with up to 91 hours of footage on the local 32GB TF card for the Lockly Vision Elite. 

Why We Need All-In-One Video Doorbell Smart Locks

The key challenge that video doorbells have suffered up to now is that adding extra functionality or integrating with a smart home system is complicated. Instead of sealing your home with 360-degree security, you could even be creating a weak point where two devices cannot communicate with each other. 

Subscription costs for the most popular video doorbell services tend to be high, too. While it is possible to have a subscription-free setup, the experience can be limited. For example, there is no cloud storage of recordings; AI-driven features such as facial recognition are underwhelming; and device management and notifications are restricted. 

Lockly’s all-in-one package solves these problems without increasing complexity. In fact, the entire unit is no more difficult to install than a standard deadbolt lock (although some adjustments may be necessary to ensure the magnetic plates are aligned). Recordings are stored locally with no subscription fee and can be accessed on the log history on your Lockly app anytime. For Lockly Vision Elite, video recording on the local 32GB TF card, can hold footage for up to 91 hours. 

For complete surveillance over your home’s entrances, and full management of access, an integrated video doorbell smart lock system is the most robust, user-friendly solution you can choose. Shop Lockly Vision Elite today!


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