Your Home's Security Supercharged: 20 Game-Changing Features Of A Lockly Smart Lock

A family learning the features of a Lockly smart lock.

Securing your home might seem like a simple affair - put a lock on the door and you're set, right? While traditional locks may deter intruders, they lack the convenience and innovative security features that come with smart locks.  

Lockly takes smart locks to the next level with industry-leading technology packed into their stylish locks. Here are 12 features that make Lockly the ultimate smart lock upgrade for your home.

1. Not All Fingerprint Scanners Are Made Equal

With Lockly’s biometric fingerprint reader, you can unlock your door in under 0.5 seconds with a single touch—one of the fastest sensors in the industry. The advanced 3D optical sensor scans and verifies your actual fingerprint (not just an image) for the most secure access.

Lockly's biometric fingerprint scanner not only ensures swift access but also adds an extra layer of security by validating your unique fingerprint, making it virtually impenetrable to unauthorized entry. What’s more, on-device machine learning provides increased accuracy as the user is using it. Additionally, the lock only accepts "live fingerprints," so intruders won't be able to use 3D prints or steal your fingerprint.

2. Randomized, Peek-Proof Pin Pad

Don’t want others stealing glances at your pin code? Lockly’s patented PIN Genie technology displays randomized pin numbers on its touchscreen keypad. The positions change with every use to prevent unwanted shouldersurfing. You get all the benefits of a traditional keypad with extra anti-snooping security.

The PIN Genie technology isn't just about convenience; it's a privacy safeguard. Imagine entering your PIN with the peace of mind that no one can memorize or guess it by watching you. Lockly's randomized pin pad adds an additional layer of security to your home, ensuring your access code remains confidential.

3. Temporary Access Codes

Giving guests access to your home while you’re away? Lockly makes it easy and extra safe. Create single-use eBadges—digital keys with custom access duration—for visitors. eBadges deactivate automatically when time’s up, removing the hassle of access revocation. Never worry about forgotten or copied entry codes again.

Hosting guests has never been more seamless. With Lockly's temporary access codes, you can create personalized eBadges for friends, family, or service providers. These digital keys offer a secure and convenient way to grant access, eliminating the need to share permanent codes and providing an added layer of control over your home security.

4. Built-In HD Video Doorbell

See who’s knocking with Lockly’s integrated doorbell camera. When your doorbell rings, your smartphone instantly displays a crisp live feed so you always know who is at your doorstep. It’s a video doorbell and smart lock conveniently rolled into one.

Picture this: you're at work, and the doorbell rings. Instead of wondering who it is, you instantly receive a clear live feed on your smartphone, giving you the ability to see and interact with visitors in real-time. Lockly seamlessly combines the functionality of a video doorbell with the security of a smart lock, offering unparalleled peace of mind.

A Lockly Vision Elite on a door.

5. Two-Way Audio

Not only can you see visitors, but Lockly's doorbell camera enables crystal-clear two-way communication. Greet the mailman or give instructions to delivery personnel right from your smartphone—no matter where you are. 

Communication is key, and Lockly ensures you're always connected. Whether you're at home or miles away, the two-way audio feature lets you engage with visitors, making it convenient to receive packages, provide instructions, or simply greet guests without being physically present. It's a virtual doorman at your fingertips.

6. Secure Cloud Video Storage

Video recordings from Lockly’s doorbell get securely uploaded to the cloud automatically. Browse saved clips anytime without worrying about eating up device storage or risking stolen footage. Your recordings are always safe and accessible with one tap in the Lockly app.

With Lockly, your security footage is not only stored securely but is also easily accessible. Cloud video storage ensures that your recordings are protected from potential theft or tampering, providing a reliable and convenient way to review past events at any time, all through the intuitive Lockly app.

7. Real-Time Smart Alerts

Set notifications for one-touch access to real-time smart alerts whenever your Lockly senses visitor motion, unlocks, keypad inputs, and more. Check-in on home happenings 24/7 right from your smartphone no matter where you are.

Lockly's real-time smart alerts keep you in the loop, offering unparalleled awareness of events like motion detection, door unlocks, or keypad inputs. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you stay connected and informed, ensuring complete control over your home's security.

8. Night Vision For Enhanced Security

With infrared night vision capabilities, Lockly's doorbell camera lets you maintain visual oversight at all times of the day. Keep watch even in pitch darkness up to 15 feet away from your door. The security doesn't sleep when the sun goes down.

Lockly's night vision feature ensures that you have clear visibility around your doorstep, even in complete darkness. Whether it's a late-night delivery or just checking on your surroundings, Lockly's enhanced security measures are at your service 24/7.

 9. Smart Home Integration

Forget fumbling for your phone when you’ve got your hands full. Lockly seamlessly connects with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more for convenient voice-activated control using smart speakers.

Your smart home just got smarter. Lockly integrates seamlessly with popular voice-activated assistants, allowing you to control your smart lock with simple voice commands. Picture effortlessly locking or unlocking your door while carrying groceries or handling other tasks—all with the power of your voice.

10. Emergency Power Accessory Port

Never get locked out again even with dead batteries. Lockly smart locks have a dedicated 9V battery port to instantly restore temporary power to unlock your door. Back-up battery also available separately.

Life is unpredictable, and so are battery levels. Lockly's emergency power accessory port acts as a fail-safe, ensuring you're never locked out due to dead batteries. Simply connect a 9V battery to the dedicated port, and your door is ready to open, providing a quick and efficient solution for unexpected power loss.

11. Rain Sensing For Extended Battery Life

 Freak rainstorm catch you off guard? Lockly’s smart Rain Sensing automatically disables the touchscreen keypad or fingerprint reader temporarily when wet. The doors unlock using alternate entry (e.g. key) but keep batteries safe from draining unnecessarily.

Weather can be unpredictable, but Lockly adapts. The Rain Sensing technology ensures that your smart lock remains operational even in a sudden downpour. By temporarily disabling the touchscreen and fingerprint reader when wet, Lockly safeguards its components, prolonging battery life and maintaining your home's security in adverse weather conditions.

 12. DIY-Friendly Simple Install 

Professional help not your style? Lockly smart locks come with intuitive installation manuals with step-by-step visual guidance customizable for your door’s dimensions. Embedded level aids proper orientation while the snap-on design enables easy DIY upgrading in minutes.

Transforming your home into a smart fortress doesn't require a professional touch. Lockly's DIY-friendly installation process is designed for everyone, providing step-by-step visual guidance tailored to your door's dimensions. The embedded level ensures proper orientation, and the snap-on design allows for a hassle-free DIY upgrade in just a few minutes.

 13. Welcome Mode

Welcome Mode is a feature in the Lockly smart lock app that allows you to temporarily disable auto locking on your lock for a set period of time. When Welcome Mode is enabled, your lock will remain unlocked so you and your guests can come and go without needing to enter access codes, scan fingerprints, or use the app. To use Welcome Mode, open the Lockly app, go to Settings, toggle on Enable Welcome Mode, and set the length of time you want the lock to remain unlocked. Welcome Mode eliminates the need to manually unlock the door for expected visitors.

 14. Air Transfer

Lockly's air transfer feature allows you to securely copy door access codes and encrypted fingerprints from one lock to another using the Lockly mobile app. To use air transfer, open the app, select the lock that has the access codes or fingerprints you want to copy, go to Access, choose Access Codes or Fingerprints, and tap "Copy Profile". Then select the lock you want to transfer the profiles to, confirm the profiles to copy, and tap Next while connected to WiFi or Bluetooth. Air transfer conveniently and securely copies access credentials between Lockly locks without having to manually reprogram each one.


 15. Offline Access Code

The Offline Access Code allows Lockly users to grant temporary access to guests without requiring them to download the app. To use it, generate a code in the Lockly app under Access Management, then have guests enter a specific code sequence on the lock keypad to activate it. This will enable the guest code for a set duration. OACs provide easy remote access sharing without needing app access.

16. Rekeying

Rekeying a smart lock involves removing the lock cylinder, taking out the existing pins, inserting new pins that match the cuts of a new key, and reassembling the lock. To start, remove the knob and cylinder from the door, take out the cylinder plug, remove the old pins, insert the new key and matching pins, replace the plug and cylinder, and reattach the knob. Rekeying allows you to easily change lock combos without fully replacing locks. Kits and locksmiths can facilitate rekeying smart locks like Lockly's.

17. AI Motion Detection

The Lockly Vision Elite has a built-in motion sensor that can detect movement in front of the door. When motion is detected, the lock can send alerts to your smartphone and can also be set up to automatically begin recording video. The motion sensor works both day and night thanks to the infrared night vision feature that allows detection in low-light conditions. Motion alerts and automated video recording provide enhanced security and awareness of activity at your door. Overall, the motion-sensing feature gives you an extra set of virtual eyes on your front door.

18. Shine Mode

Shine Mode allows you to adjust the brightness of the Lockly touchscreen keypad. To turn on the keypad, swipe your fingers across it. To increase brightness, press and hold the upper left button for 3 seconds. The keypad will return to normal brightness after dimming. Shine Mode gives you manual control over the keypad brightness for improved visibility when entering access codes, while optimizing for battery life when not in use.

19. LocklyOS

LocklyOS provides a web-based access management portal that allows property managers, facility operators, security administrators, and homeowners to remotely control and monitor all their Lockly smart locks of all their properties with ease. 

Key features of LocklyOS include managing multiple locks from one dashboard, creating sub-admins and configuring access rights, generating activity reports and audit trails and granting time-restricted access to residents/guests. LocklyOS enables centralized access control and oversight of Lockly smart locks without needing to be physically present.

20. Lifetime Tech Support

Lockly offers a lifetime, best-in-class support for residential customers that includes 5 years of mechanical and finish, 2 years of electronics, and lifetime 24/7 technical support for Secure and Vision series locks. Other models have 1 year mechanical, finish, and electronics warranties. Warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship with repair, replacement, or refund remedies. The warranties apply to original residential purchasers only and do not cover damage from misuse, unauthorized repairs, normal wear and tear, etc. Lockly provides lifetime 24/7  technical support to assist with troubleshooting.

See Lockly’s Innovative Security Features For Yourself

With its industry-leading biometric reader, built-in doorbell camera, voice assistant connectivity, and more, Lockly takes home access control to the next level. You’ll wonder how you ever settled for basic locks before! Bring your home security into the future with the ultimate smart lock loaded with innovative features. Lockly gives you peace of mind.