6 Benefits of Lockly Vision Elite: A Video Doorbell and Smart Lock in One

A  video doorbell and smart lock in the form of the Lockly Vision Elite

Demand for smart lock solutions is surging. Already, 12 million homes in the United States have a smart lock installed, and with each innovation in the market, conventional solutions look increasingly outdated. Yet there’s now another level of next-generation home security available, which builds on the smart lock revolution. With a Video Doorbell Smart Lock, such as our market-leading Lockly Vision Elite, you can unlock unprecedented levels of access and control. Here’s why you should be thinking of installing a video doorbell and smart lock in one. 

What is a Video Doorbell Smart Lock?

A video doorbell smart lock incorporates all the features you get with a network-connected Bluetooth-enabled smart lock and introduces an extra dimension that secures your home even further. 

  • Full HD camera 
  • Video Doorbell 
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion sensor, and more

In short, it gives you eyes over your access points, wherever you are. That means enterprise-level security for any private home. Not surprisingly, thieves, porch pirates, cold-callers and uninvited guests fear it the most. 

Advantages of The Latest Video Doorbell Smart Locks

Not everyone needs to upgrade to a Video Doorbell Smart Lock. In many cases, you can enjoy instant peace of mind with our signature Secure Pro or Secure Plus locks. But anyone can benefit from enhanced security features by adding a video doorbell smart lock. With the latest next-generation video lock, Vision Elite, you’re always at home as far as anyone on the outside of your property is concerned. You can see who’s on your porch, speak to whoever is at your door, and monitor your access points in real-time. That can be extremely useful in the following situations.

1. Deterring Package Thieves

The exponential rise of home delivery services - in particular, thanks to Amazon - means we can look forward to anything from gifts and gadgets to fresh groceries waiting for us on our porch when we get home. Unfortunately, with that comes a relentless campaign from porch pirates, ready to pounce on any unguarded package. Package theft has affected nearly 50 million Americans in the last 12 months and it peaks around the holiday season. 

With the Vision Elite, however, you can see when your item is delivered, and who’s on your street or porch during the day (or night). With HD optics, the Vision Elite’s revolutionary infrared night vision allows you to view, record and stream all visitors from head to toe and see up to 15 feet in the distance.

Most porch pirates will be deterred by a video doorbell, but those who do take the risk can be challenged and intercepted the moment they cross your property boundary. 

2. Monitoring Deliveries

You’ve seen videos on YouTube of delivery drivers tossing delicate packages over the fence, or claiming to have left an item that never touched your porch. A video doorbell allows you to call their bluff, by establishing a verifiable record of each delivery. But it’s not just about catching people out. You can also assist delivery drivers over two-way audio, by giving them further instructions about where to leave packages in a preferred safe place. 

You can manage deliveries even if you’re away on vacation, but for many homeowners, the goal is to stay safe within the home. With a Vision Elite, there’s no need to open the door. You can view all visitors from head to toe, check credentials, and take receipt of the package over the speaker.

3. Motion Sensor and Recording

Smart locks are key to detecting potential intruders and preventing break-ins. More cost-effective than hiring security personnel or installing a full security system, the standard Lockly smart lock will record the ID of anyone who enters or leaves the building, and the Vision Elite will kick into action as soon as anyone triggers the motion sensor. You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world via smartphone or computer. Alerts will be sent to your smartphone and videos can be saved for later, giving you vital evidence if you need to share the footage with law enforcement, for example, or challenge someone’s version of events. 

4. Remote Lock Access

Your smart lock is your “set and forget'' security feature. You can secure your home or building, and go away to work or on vacation with complete peace of mind. But what if you want to monitor access in real-time? That’s where a Video Doorbell Smart Lock delivers. By capitalizing on the HD video and two-way audio features, Lockly Vision Elite allows you to do the following:

  • Lock or unlock your door
  • Create access codes for family members, friends and service providers that you can easily revoke
  • Receive notifications when someone enters or leaves your home and see who is at the door

In essence, the Vision Elite makes you the concierge of your own property - on standby 24/7, wherever you are. 

5. Going Keyless

Both smart locks and video doorbell smart locks eliminate the need for keys if you want that option. With a Vision Elite, you can use a PIN (with the added benefits of the PIN Genie Keypad), a biometric fingerprint, or the Lockly app or voice command for keyless access. No more leaving a key under a flower pot or fumbling with a bunch of keys in a panic on a dark night. 

6. No Downtime of Security

With the Lockly Vision Elite, your security never takes a break. The high-energy Lithium rechargeable batteries and solar-enhanced charging ensure long-lasting power so you don’t need to worry about frequently replacing your smart lock’s battery.

Lockly Vision Elite: The Next Generation of Video Doorbell

You might be the first on your street to install a Video Doorbell Smart Lock, but you’re not going to be the last. We’re seeing steady evidence that homeowners want more than an analog deadbolt, and that those who switch to a smart lock solution typically continue to innovate. 

The Lockly Vision Elite is where innovation reaches its full potential. There’s no better model on the market for delivering high-quality video and audio, robust security, and seamless compatibility with your remote devices and existing home networking setup. Secure your home with Lockly today.