How Does Remote Control Locking Work?

A person using remote control locking.

You’ve probably heard plenty about the cashless society, but the keyless society could well come first. In fact, the sight of a jangling bunch of heavy keys could soon disappear just like payphones, CD players in cars, or ashtrays in restaurants. We have remote control locking to thank for transforming the history of locks. It helps that 85% of us own a smartphone, and all of us have a fingerprint. That’s almost all you need to secure your home from afar, assign access, and integrate your Smart Lock with your Smart Home hub. 

How Smart Locks Connect for Remote Access

The smart part of Smart locks stems from the fact that they have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. That means they are dynamic, responsive, and capable of communicating with the home network. It may sound complex, but it’s simple to manage from a device you already use without difficulty — your tablet or smartphone. 

It’s everyday functionality but there’s nothing ordinary about remote locking. Leading locks such as the Lockly Secure Pro, Vision and Vision Elite (video doorbell) series pack military-grade encryption and tough deadbolt hardware. They’re safe from hackers and hated by intruders.  

Benefits of Checking Lock Status Remotely

We’ve all experienced the sudden panic of realizing (rightly or wrongly) that we’ve left our front door unlocked. It’s even worse when you’re miles away, stuck in traffic or relaxing on a vacation sunbed. With remote monitoring locking, you can confirm your suspicions and take immediate action wherever you are. 

From your smartphone app, you can see real-time notifications of lock status changes, check the record of who’s entered or left, and operate the lock from a distance. If you need to assign remote access, our patented PIN Genie touchpad provides an added layer of security. It prevents unauthorized individuals from spying on the keypad code or attempting to identify patterns, enhancing the overall security of the system.

A person remote control locking their home.

Remotely Locking and Unlocking Doors

With remote locking, your “key” is digital and passcode-protected. You manage your lock via a smartphone app, meaning you’re always connected. You can lock and unlock your device from anywhere, but can still let someone in if they’re on your porch. With our Smart Video Doorbell featuring HD camera, you can even see and speak to them too. 

No more rushing back to unlock the door, worrying about someone finding a spare key you’ve left under a flower pot, or missing an important delivery. Your remote lock puts you in control. 

Granting Virtual Access to Guests

Remote control locking offers an extra layer of convenience not only for private homeowners but also for property managers, it’s an essential feature. Whether you’re managing an Airbnb or a multi-family dwelling, you’ll want to limit the number of secure codes, keys, and fobs in operation at any given time. 

Remote locking allows you to manage to a minimum without compromising on security. 

  • Grant one-time access to visitors, delivery workers, maintenance crews etc. 
  • Share virtual keys for permanent or scheduled use. For example, from your dashboard, you can define settings that allow a code to work only from and up to a specific time/date. 
  • Forgot someone? No problem. You can always override the system remotely and unlock the door for someone you know who’s waiting on the porch. 
  • Easily revoke access at any time

Customizing Access and Permissions

What if the person who delivered your pizza today came back tomorrow with a different purpose in mind? It’s scary. Multiple-occupancy buildings are vulnerable to opportunistic thieves who may scout out and share access codes. Similarly, if you’re renting out apartments, you don’t want to have to change the locks every time there’s a tenant turnover. 


With remote access, you can keep the lock and change the codes as often as you like. 

  • Allow access during specific periods only (eg. no nighttime visitors)
  • Customize which features and controls guests can access (eg. biometric fingerprint access only)
  • Revoke permissions as necessary 

Integrating Voice Control

Could it be any easier? Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes. The next generation of smart locks featured by Lockly integrates seamlessly with all the common voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home. That means you can operate your lock using simple voice commands. That’s perfect if you have your hands full or don’t have your phone nearby. And don’t panic. Hands-free control is still secure. Your data is encrypted and you can monitor if someone is trying to ‘spoof’ your voice in your absence. 

The Benefits of Remote Smart Lock Control

It’s no overstatement to point out that remote smart lock technology allows you to manage your lock from anywhere in the world. That’s not such an outlandish requirement given that a rising proportion of apartments, condos, vacation properties and student housing might be owned by overseas landlords. You can’t be everywhere all the time, but with remote locking you can manage everything you need in one place. 

On an ongoing basis, you can also access analytics and reporting (including video footage) to see average usage for each remote lock. You might then decide that some external areas require a motion-sensor video upgrade, or internal areas need a smart lock. 

Remote Locking with Lockly

The latest remote locks represent a new frontier for safety and convenience and we’ve reached an era where you can step from the home to the car to the office without carrying a single key. We’re helping to transform access and security to private and shared housing. Check out our complete range of remotely operated Smart Locks and Video Doorbells to unlock the complete benefits.