Remote Control Locking: A New Frontier for Safety and Convenience

A person remote control locking their Lockly lock.

Look, we know no one wants to talk about the over one million home burglaries that happen each year in the US, or the home break-in that occurs once every 25.7 seconds, per Forbes. If those stats get your mind racing, here’s some good news: smart home security can replace that worry with a big helping of peace of mind.

More than 80 percent of burglars look for home security before making a move, and smart home security gadgets like remote locks offer even more door-locking power than an old-school lock. But what remote locking offers that no analog lock can offer is a whole new world of convenience, flexibility and totally granular control of access, down to who gets in and when they get in. If you’re new to the concept of remote locking, join us as we cover the basics of a revolutionary tech that’s anything but basic. 

What Is Remote Locking

Remote control locking typically works through the use of wireless communication technologies, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. When you have a device that is equipped with a remote control feature, such as the many smart locks we offer here at Lockly, you can use a remote control device such as your very own smartphone to send a signal to the device to lock or unlock it. 

Bluetooth and near-field technology locks work a little more locally, enabling short-range remote controls from anywhere in the home or sensing chips in fobs to grant keyless access to people near the lock. Wi-fi enabled or network connected smart locks, on the other hand, can communicate with homeowners from just about anywhere there’s a wireless internet connection or phone signal. This ability empowers homeowners with devices like the Lockly Secure Pro and Lockly Vision models, among others, to lock and unlock doors or grant and revoke access using their phones from virtually anywhere on the planet. Naturally, that opens up a whole new world of access.  

Smart Locks and Even Smarter Apps

Remote control locking by itself revolutionizes the door lock, but pairing that Wi-Fi or network connection with the intuitive controls of the Lockly App takes things to the next level. Connecting to the range of Lockly smart locks via network connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the Lockly App enables you to send commands to the lock, such as to lock or unlock the door. With app-powered remote control locking, you don’t have to be anywhere near the door to grant (or revoke) access. Plus, you can use the app to create different types of access codes, distribute temporary electronic access eKeys, track activity at the door and even manage user profiles for smart locks, like the Vision Elite and the Secure Pro. 

Most of our range of bleeding-edge smart locks come with Wi-Fi or network connectivity out of the box. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add these features to an existing Lockly Bluetooth smart lock, though, the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub has you covered. With real-time monitoring and alerts, as well as wireless door sensors, this lock comes at an entry-level price and DIY-level installation.

Benefits of Remote Locking Anytime, Anywhere

If we had to use one word to describe the power of remote control locking, that word would be freedom. Sure, there’s freedom and power to the peace of mind that enhanced security and safety provides, but there’s also convenience and flexibility. Remote smart locks make home security more personalized and customizable than it’s ever been before.

Why Remote Control Locking is Essential for Superior Home Security

Remote control locking can upgrade your home security through a variety of advanced features. 

Freedom of Movement 

Remote control locking provides you with the freedom to move around without any concerns about the security of your belongings. With the ability to conveniently lock and unlock your doors from a distance, this feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who frequently handle heavy loads.

Ultimate Convenience

By utilizing remote control locking, you no longer need to struggle with keys or fear misplacing them. Instead, with a simple press of a button, you can effortlessly and swiftly lock and unlock your doors, eliminating any inconvenience or concerns associated with traditional key-based systems.

Enhanced Security

Remote control locking enhances the security of your home or business by offering a range of benefits. First, it enables you to closely monitor the movement of individuals entering and exiting your premises, allowing you to maintain control and restrict access to authorized individuals only. Additionally, it provides an added layer of safety for you and your loved ones. In case of any suspicious activity or an attempted intrusion, you can swiftly lock your doors to ensure your immediate protection.

App-Controlled Instant Access

Whether you need to let party guests in without trekking downstairs every time, your kid forgot their keys on the way home from school again, or your spouse locked themselves out in a hurry, the Lockly App grants you instant access to lock and unlock your door with ease. Halfway through your flight and not sure you locked the door behind you? Auto-locking and remote control locking make that stress a thing of the past.

Tracking Features

Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s security, too. Alongside real-time alerts right on your phone whenever someone accesses your door, the Lockly App provides easily accessible logs that you can view any time. You’ll know exactly how your door was unlocked – whether by fingerprint, access code or mobile device – and exactly when it was unlocked, always. You’ll never have to wonder if your teens got in by curfew again. 

Keyless Entry For Peace of Mind 

Freedom is all about having options, and our smart locks provide those options in spades, including keyless access such as entry codes and biometric fingerprint scanning, eliminating the need for traditional keys, which can be lost, stolen or duplicated. Remote control locking also allows for wireless, touch-free access that’s a little closer to home, with voice controls that work with Alexa and Google or Scan-To-Open QR code. 

Access You Can Customize

Remote control isn’t just about simple locking or unlocking, either, You can also decide and customize access for different persons, such as family members, friends, or other trusted visitors, providing you greater control over who can enter your homes. With the Lockly App, you can manage different user profiles, such as their access codes, fingerprints profiles and access rights. You can also grant revocable access to trusted guests via the Lockly App, keep reading to discover more.  

Smart Locks: Going Beyond Remote Control Locking with Lockly 

Remote locking may change the way you look at safe home access, but a network connected or Wi-Fi enabled Lockly smart lock has a whole lot more to offer than just locking and unlocking. 

Grant Temporary Access and Revoke It Whenever You Want

You already know that remote locking lets you lock or unlock your front door from virtually anywhere, but it gets better. If you’re expecting someone like a house guest, delivery person or babysitter, or if you’re running an Airbnb or similar short-term rental, temporary access lets you set up limited access for anyone you’d like ahead of time. 

With the Lockly App, you can grant temporary access to who you want, when you want with the following:

  • Guest Access with Recurring Times: Give recurring access to your guest for specific recurring dates and times via an access code, eKey or eBadge.
  • Guest Access with Validity Periods: Given access with a specific validity period via an access code, eKey or eBadge.
  • One-Time Access Codes: Can be used one time and set to be valid only within a certain date and time.
  • Offline Access Codes (OAC): Can be sent remotely and used by your guest without a network connection. Note that offline Access Codes cannot be revoked once they are issued and will be valid until the expiration date.

Use a one-time access code via the Lockly App for one-time visitors like the UPS guy or a special-occasion housekeeper, or send an ekey with a specific expiration date to house guests and short-term renters.  

Of course, access is only one-half of the temporary access picture. Not only can you easily grant temporary access, but you can also just as easily revoke it via the Lockly App, an essential feature for complete home security. For instance, if you have given an access code with recurring time to your house cleaner who comes once a week, you can simply revoke the code once your service contract ends. 

Keep an Eye Out in HD

Remote locking isn’t the only kind of remote security our smart locks offer. For the first time ever, the Lockly Visionand Vision Elite roll a full-HD doorbell camera into a next-gen smart lock, making for a powerful combo that offers all of the remote locking features we’ve already covered, plus the ability to live stream high-def security footage right to your phone (you guessed it – via the Lockly App) or access previous stored recordings on a local SD card. Verify who’s at the door, have a two-way remote chat with them via the built-in mic, or just keep an eye out for that Amazon delivery you just can’t wait for.

Start Your Remote Locking Journey

Remote locking offers you super customizable control over who enters your home and when they enter, removes the stress of remembering and fumbling with old-school keys, lets you offer temporary and limited access, and can even give you a live eye on your property. One quick installation, and you’re basically giving new life to an old door with security and convenience that’s just not possible with a regular old deadbolt. 

Ready to level up your security game with app-powered, network connected or Wi-Fi enabled remote locking? Get in touch with our partners at OnTech for easy Lockly installation, and see if you qualify for local discounts. Schedule on your smartphone today, and just imagine all the Lockly App goodness you’ll be doing with that same smartphone tomorrow.   

Dan is a Dallas-based freelance and small business writer with more than a decade of experience. In the tech and business worlds, he’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with Samsung, Verizon, Motley Fool, USA Today, Linksys, Vizio and many more. 


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