Taking Control of Your Home with Lockly

Privacy is one of the top concerns when it comes to handling smart objects. The fact that these gadgets are on a whole new level of being advanced makes them powerful enough to have access to a lot of personal data.

We understand that having this type of data breached is the last thing that people want to happen. We want the users to know that LOCKLY smart locks have the perfect features that can give users complete control when it comes to safeguarding their information. Data is secured and encrypted to its highest level. 

The real-time alerts and monitoring feature gives users full control of their locks, anytime and anywhere. With their smartphones, they can lock and unlock their doors from wherever they are the moment they receive notifications about the status of their doors. Controlling your door with the use of your device is in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about delays. With this feature, you are also notified when someone that isn’t you has opened the door. 

If notifications aren’t giving you enough sense of security, you can opt to monitor through smart lock with video camera recordings by access your LOCKLY app (available with Vision – latest offering). Therefore, you can survey (peek or view it live) the premises through your phone wherever you are. This is also in real-time so you don’t have to miss actual moments because of delayed feedback.

smart lock with video camera monitoring

Finally, with the help of a smart home assistant, you can access your LOCKLY smart lock with voice control. After pairing it with devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, you can instantly unlock or check the status of your smart lock through it. Common questions such as “Alexa, is my door locked?” will get answered right away. 

Alexa requires a voice security code to unlock your LOCKLY. Add that to its feature that it only responds to voices that it has stored in its data since it also has a voice recognition feature. This takes out the anxiety of having threats taking advantage of your home assistant to get through your security systems. 

With LOCKLY, your security and data privacy is important. Rest assured that while we give you the best smart locks for home that protects you and your loved ones, your sensitive data isn’t compromised as well. These few features are surely enough to make users feel that they are safe, protected, and of course in total control of any situation involved with their security.