What Are Smart Locks and How Do They Work?

What Is a Smart Lock? How Do Smart Locks Work?
Gone are the days of multiple deadbolts and manual locks to keep intruders out. Also of a bygone era: keeping house keys in hide-a-key rocks and planters as a solution for when residents lock themselves out or for impromptu guest access. So how can homeowners strike the balance of security and easy access for themselves and approved visitors? Smart locks are the key. 

Homeowners wanting to secure their property should use smart locks that work with today’s technology to provide enhanced security measures. Smart locks keep unwanted visitors out while making it easier for owners to access their own homes. 

What Is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock, also known as electronic door lock, is a door access control device that locks or unlocks the door when it receives a prompt via an electronic keypad, biometric sensor, access card, Bluetooth, Wi-FI or other wireless network protocols from a registered mobile device. These locks are called smart locks because they use advanced technology to enable easier access for users and enhanced security from intruders. The key components of a smart lock include the physical lock, the key (in various forms which could be electronic, digitally encrypted or virtual to provide keyless entry), a secure Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless network connection and a management mobile app.

How Do Smart Locks Work? 

Instead of using a traditional metal key, people can use smartphones or a key fob to wirelessly verify their access and mechanically unlock the door. Just as you may have used an app on your phone to access a hotel room or a key fob to access your place of work, these security features can be used in personal residences for improved security and a frictionless user experience. 

Smart locks also allow users to text or email a virtual key to guests so they can enter without needing your presence. It’s easy Lockly users to remotely issue Offline Access Codes, eKeys or eBadges via the Lockly app. Lockly smart locks are also secured with 128-bit encryption, which is industry proven to be one of the most secure encryption methods available within today’s leading Internet of Things-connected devices. 

Software Functionality

Smart lock systems use mobile apps or websites, with a network-connected or Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock, homeowners can control access remotely to their home from virtually anywhere. It allows residents to grant access or monitor the door status no matter how far away they may be. Thus, it’s easier for homeowners to keep track of children or pets, as well as for real estate agents to give clients a tour of the property.  

Furthermore, smart locks can integrate with your smart home personal assistants like Hey Google and Alexa. Just as you can rest assured that your home is locked through the app while you’re away or if you’re cozy in bed, just check with your personal assistants and no need to move a finger!

By regularly innovating and updating the property cloud technology services (the heart of Lockly smart locks) which run on Amazon Web Services, Lockly smart locks can protect against picking, bumping, hacking and other common forms of lock break-ins.

Hardware Functionality

As mentioned, smart locks are devices that are equipped with advanced technology. One example is fingerprint scanning. Fingerprint sensors use powerful fingerprint reading algorithms that can detect most fingerprints accurately and quickly. As the industry pioneer, Lockly is the first to integrate a 3D biometric fingerprint sensor for added security, which is unlikely to be faked through images.

Digital keypads/touchpads are a common option to be used in a smart lock for providing a keyless entry experience. However, Lockly raised the industry standard to a higher level by introducing the patented PIN Genie touchpad to Lockly smart locks. This technology protects users’ access codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling the numbers every time a user approaches the touchpad. 

Advantages of a Smart Lock

In the growth of the smart home category, the smart lock has been underserved with the amount of quality connected/secure options for consumers and businesses alike. Lockly smart locks allow customers to make full use of the advanced functionality and premium features of smart locks for the ultimate advantage. 

Protect Your Home and Lighten Your Load

Who doesn’t have a lot on their minds these days? The different components of a smart lock work together to protect your home, ease your mind and literally lighten your load by removing those physical keys of yore. Gone are the days of fear of losing your house keys or getting locked out of your home. With smart locks, you can use your phone for it all, even to grant access to trusted visitors. Lockly’s proprietary app allows for a hands-free option when you approach the door while carrying your smartphone, and so you don’t even need to access the Lockly app when your hands are full.

Connect With Other Smart Devices

In the growth of the Smart Home category, the smart lock has been underserved with the amount of quality connected/secure options for consumers and businesses alike. Lockly has focused on bringing a best-in-class solution by providing products with 130+ global technology patents and sleek, premium and rigorously-tested product designs.

Complete Your Smart Home With Lockly

It’s easy to see how the different smart lock components work together for the ultimate home security solution with Lockly. While many of your neighbors may have smart doorbells with video cameras, Lockly is the first manufacturer to offer a smart lock with a video doorbell, the Lockly Vision™, an all-in-one smart lock. Live streaming will be activated when someone rings your doorbell, and no matter where you are, you can have real-time communication with the person outside your door. Mobile app and voice assistant control also allow users to unlock, lock, or check door status through Lockly app or by simply using your voice through Alexa or Hey Google.

Lockly has a number of award-winning products to secure your home and to enhance the technology you’re already using. In addition to smart locks, visit Lockly today for fingerprint deadbolts, specialty smart locks, home security kits and accessories. With a wealth of resources for customers and unparalleled service, the decision to use Lockly is easy

Amanda Costello is a freelance journalist in Omaha, Nebraska. She has been published in AudioFile Magazine, The Omaha World Herald and CNN. You can view more of her work here.


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