6 Benefits of Smart Home Security Systems for Protection and Peace of Mind

6 Benefits of Smart Security for Your Home

Your home isn’t just a building, and it’s so much more than an investment. It’s the place where you rest your head and nurture your heart, where you spend meaningful time with the people you love and where you come up with your best ideas and foster your best memories. That's why you need a reliable home security system to protect what and whom you love most.

6 Benefits of Home Security Systems

There’s no argument that your home deserves to be protected — and you deserve the peace of mind that protection brings. Here are six ways smart security systems offer plenty of both.

1. The Investment Pays Off

One of the most basic benefits a home security system offers is the money, and time, it can save you in the long run (not to mention the stress). According to the most recent stats from the FBI, the estimated annual 1,117,696 burglaries that happen in the United States each year cost the victim an average of $2,661. An entire suite of smart security protection, including HD remote monitoring, pro-quality digital keypad door locks, door sensors and more, comes at just a fraction of that cost while avoiding costly burglaries. So that summer trip, high-end PC or new backyard shed you’ve been dreaming of? A home security system has the potential to put that money right back into your pocket. Plus, the return on investment for your peace of mind is priceless.

Additionally, a home security system could save you up to 20% on your home insurance, increase your property value and boost curb appeal. In fact, 63% of potential homeowners consider home security upgrades a top priority when searching for a home. So If you’re looking to sell your home, a security system pays off once again.

Some extra ways you save money include:

  • As an Airbnb or other home rental provider, you don’t need to spend money on a rekey after a guest leaves.
  • If you have traditional locks and you accidentally leave your keys inside, you will need to pay a locksmith to open the door. With smart locks, you can unlock the door with your fingerprint, smartphone or access code without spending extra money.

2. Smart Security Outclasses Old-School Security

If you think a deadbolt and an electronic alarm system that requires you to throw down your groceries and bolt to a clunky keypad within 30 seconds of opening the door are good enough, the smart security world has news for you. The Lockly Secure suite’s Pin Genie technology isn’t just hack-proof, it features the first peek-proof digital touchpad, while our advanced 3D biometric fingerprint sensor offers easy and reliable access. Unlike other readers, our sensor can’t be fooled by a 2D image of a fingerprint, and it unlocks within 0.4 seconds of sensing your print. So whether or not you have your hands full of groceries or you need to use the restroom after a long road trip, Lockly smart locks can help you get inside quickly.

Tired of wondering if someone’s at the door? We know you do that thing where someone knocks and you get super quiet just hoping they’ll go away (we do that, too). Now, you always know exactly who’s knocking, so you can staycation in peace. Plus, our door sensors let you know exactly when a door opens and closes, with childproof settings.

3. The Combo of Remote Monitoring and Real-Time Alerts

With video monitoring tech like the Lockly Vision lineup, you can use the Lockly App to stream and record HD video and full audio of your property, whether you’re keeping your eye out for a package while you’re at work or want to have eyes on the ground when you’re on a beach a thousand miles away — so you won’t miss that Amazon splurge you treated yourself to, and you might finally find out which neighbor’s dog is doing its business on your lawn. Remote access to your door locks keeps you in control no matter where you are (need to let the cat-sitter in from your Airbnb? Go for it) and real-time mobile alerts keep you in the loop, regardless of distance.

It’s true that the Internet of Things (IoT) makes a lot of things — including Lockly — even better, but there’s no need to sweat it when the network’s down, either. Offline access codes have got you covered.

4. It’s a DIY Solution

Don’t worry about taking a day off to get your new security system up and running. With 3D app-assisted installation, you can install our products in less than 30 minutes — the run time of a single episode of your fave sitcom —without costly professional help or ongoing subscription fees. At Security Forward, LinkdHOME founder David Mead says, “Smart home security solutions provide some clear benefits for consumers. First and foremost is that they can be easily built and scaled by the homeowner. ... Being DIY means you can save a fair bit on installation costs, and you won’t be paying much, if anything, in ongoing fees.”

5. Property Value Perks

Smart home security systems aren’t just an investment in your well-being, they’re a genuine financial investment, too — installing home security boosts curb appeal and flat out increases your home’s resale value, and it can also decrease your home insurance costs by as much as 20%. As Realty Times notes, “Owning a safe and secure home is appealing to every home buyer, from frequent travelers to families. That means pre-installed cameras, smoke detectors, and smart locks can be huge selling points. The more convenient and easy-to-use the security, the better.”

6. The Power of Symbols

In 2022, a UNC Charlotte study conducted by criminology professor Joe Kuhns and reported by U.S. News and World Report finds that nearly 60% of break-ins happen within less than 24 hours of planning. This spontaneity means that what a potential burglar sees on site matters — and it’s why 83% of burglars look for signs of an alarm before breaking in, and why more than half say they give up when they see one. That’s why installing a smart security system (and adding a yard sign stating that your home is protected with a security system) is a proactive move rather than a reactive one — and it’s a move that might help you sleep just a little more peacefully.

Your Peace of Mind Matters

Property values and the cost of your most precious items certainly matter, but your peace of mind? That’s priceless. And that’s exactly what smart home security systems deliver. Per a Rutgers University study, neighborhoods that employ alarm systems in multiple homes see an overall drop in the crime rate — so what’s good for you is good for your community, too. 

Curious about where to start? From flexible fingerprint-powered deadbolt locks to the world’s most advanced smart locks, you’ve got options at Lockly.

Dan Ketchum is a freelance writer and small business owner with 13 years of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with publishers and brands such as Fortune, Toshiba, Samsung, The Seattle Times, The Motley Fool and more along the way.