What Are the Differences Between Smart Door Locks and Traditional Locks?

Locks are an essential part of home security. Traditional door locks are best for keeping intruders out, while smart locks are best for keeping your family safe. In the past, a lock on your home's door was primarily used to prevent break-ins. But now, a smart lock lets you open the door from your phone, so you never have to worry about being locked out.

Keyless entry systems may seem like a luxury, but they are actually quite affordable. You are paying for convenience and security, but also for the freedom to control your door from inside or outside your house. Lockly smart locks are perfect for people who want these features without sacrificing efficiency.

Smart lock with video camera for your home

Benefits of Smart Locks Over Traditional Locks for Your Residence

A smart lock has the potential to protect your home in ways that a traditional key does not.

  • Smart home door locks let you lock your door without being near the lock. This way, you never have to be present to lock or unlock your door, unlike traditional locks, no matter the time or where you are.
  • The keyless door lock can be set to automatically lock after a few seconds. It even automatically locks when you forget to do it yourself.
  • The smart home door lock needs electric power for smooth operation. Since power can be lost, many fingerprint smart door locks come with batteries to support this problem.
  • Smart home door locks are equipped with sensors and video cameras to detect your presence. If someone shows up, your smart home door lock will send an alert to your smart device, which you can then use to take action.