Do You Need An Airbnb Smart Lock? Investing in Smart Locks For Rentals

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In 2022, the amount of available short-term rental listings in the US increased over 500%. While competition is healthy, and interest in everything from tiny homes to rural escapes is on the rise, the growing number of rental options means that your short-term rental—whether it’s an Airbnb, VRBO, or anything in between—needs elevated features to stand out from the pack. An Airbnb smart lock is essential to improve the renter experience, the property’s overall security and the owner’s booking pipeline.

Why Is an Airbnb Smart Lock Necessary? 

 As a property owner, you know better than anyone else that your real estate portfolio is an investment and protecting that investment is fundamental to your success. Smart locks can heighten your property’s security in a plethora of ways.

But that’s not the only reason Airbnb smart locks are essential. Think of creating a two-pronged attack: 

  1. On the one hand, a smart security system is a small, one-time cost that secures your investment over a long-term period. Lockly’s lineup of Airbnb smart locks range from a flat fee of $169.99 for a conversion kit to $699.99 for an entire smart security package. A short-term rental host can recoup these costs within a weekend or so and, as a result, can prevent a wide range of potentially massive expenses, such as property damage and theft, as well as the rising insurance premiums that go along with them. 
  2. Alongside these safety and security benefits, the smart features that give smart locks their name make your life as a property owner easier in countless ways, streamlining the rental process and delivering peace of mind in droves. 

Benefits of Airbnb Smart Locks

From protecting your investment to simplifying the check-in experience, Airbnb smart locks make good sense from top to bottom. We’ve covered the macro-level picture from its key angles, and now it’s time to get granular. Let’s jump into five key ways smart security makes for smart rent.

1. Timesaving for Hosts

In an increasingly remote world, renters, guests, hosts and owners alike are more likely to prefer remote, hands-off access to an in-person check-in process. With a smart lock, hosts no longer need to worry about coordinating key exchanges or making multiple copies of keys for their guests. This is particularly useful for hosts who are unable to be physically present when their guests arrive. 

With Lockly App, you can unlock your door for renters or guests at your property in snowy Aspen while you’re soaking up rays in Aruba. No more unsafe lockboxes, convoluted Airbnb check-in instructions or hiding spare keys underneath garden gnomes. Want more? Real-time entryway alerts let you know precisely when your renters come and go.

2. Eyes (and Ears) On Your Investment

Smart locks provide enhanced security for both the host and the guest. With a traditional lock, it's possible for a guest to make a copy of the key, or for a key to be lost or stolen. A smart lock like Lockly Secure Pro, however, allows you to grant access to the guests via your smartphone and revoke it when necessary.

Besides, with the Lockly Vision series of perfect-for-Airbnb smart locks, a full HD video doorbell camera is equipped.You can stream high-res video of your property’s entryway from anywhere you’ve got a smartphone and a network connection. Plus, two-way audio communication adds another way to easily communicate with and verify your guests during check-in (because neither party wants an awkward phone call). When mishaps happen and your insurance company comes looking for the receipts, you’ll have them, too — security recordings are stored on the smart lock’s private, safe and secure SD memory card. 

3. Property Value Add

In a competitive short-term rental market, Airbnb smart locks don’t just make life easier and safer for you, they’re a draw for safety and convenience-minded guests and renters, as well. Speaking to Consumer Reports, VRBO parent company HomeAway’s vice president of product management, Eric Moore, says “Typically, we see that people overwhelmingly prefer the security and convenience of [a] fully automated solution,” as compared to a traditional, old-school lock and all the check-in hassles that go with it.  

4. Easy Access for Guest Houses

As a property owner, we know you’re busy enough already. Smart locks eliminate the need for hosts to meet guests in person to provide them with a key. Instead, hosts can simply provide guests with a unique code or use a mobile app to unlock the door remotely. 

Rather than forcing you to juggle check-ins with a veritable parade of guests a few times a month or every weekend, Airbnb smart locks like those in Locky’s lineup allow you to provide temporary digital keys to guests. eKeys, eBadges and guest access codes make check-in a breezy, hands-off experience for you, and with the Lockly App, you can control when these temporary passes expire or revoke access at any time.  

5. Auto-Locking From Anywhere in the World

You’ve meticulously laid out your clean-up and check-out process on your Airbnb page, the guests have signed the agreement, and you should be good to go. But you know that’s just about never the case. Smart locks can help you out here, too.

 Airbnb smart locks can’t guarantee that your guests do the laundry or wash the dishes, but they can let you know if your guests leave on time. Through the Lockly App or Lockly Access Portal, you can track exactly who entered your property and at what time. If your Lockly smart lock is Wi-Fi or network connected, you can also receive real-time alerts whenever it’s unlocked or locked. Furthermore, set up the auto-locking function based on your customized timing so no one can sneak into your place even if your guests forget to lock your door when they leave.

Smart Locks for Smarter Rentals

It’s no joke — renting property can be stressful, but Airbnb smart locks can take that stress and turn it into a streamlined, hands-off experience for virtually any short-term rental owner. A Wi-Fi enabled smart lock like the Lockly Secure Pro or the network-connected next-gen video doorbell smart lock like the Lockly Vision Elite secure your property efficiently and reliably even when you aren’t around.

Ready to enter the world of smart rent? It all starts with the world’s most advanced smart locks, at Lockly


Dan is a Dallas-based freelance and small business writer with more than a decade of experience. In the tech and business worlds, he’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with Samsung, Verizon, Motley Fool, USA Today, Linksys, Vizio and many more. 


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