How to Prevent Break-Ins with Smart Security

A Lockly lock demonstrating how to prevent break-ins.

Burglars strike over 1.5 million times each year in the United States. It doesn’t take them long to bypass conventional security measures, as they can constantly adapt to and overcome new features. Unfortunately, winter is their favorite season to put their skills to the test. Break-ins increase by 35% during these months, most often between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm when homeowners are likely to be out of the house. Wondering how to prevent break-ins this season? A smart system can secure your property around the clock. 

How to Prevent Break-Ins

The good news is that experienced burglars hate smart security and smart locks. As a result, they would much rather target the 75% of homeowners who have no home security system whatsoever. 

Home intruders want to be able to gain access fast (usually in under a minute) and get their business done quickly (most burglaries last less than 10 minutes). For that reason, any device that slows them down at points of entry or that panics them while they’re inside should be a worthy deterrent. Several devices combined can stop them altogether.

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Almost a third of burglars gain entry through an unlocked door or window. If that happens to you, don’t expect too much sympathy from the police or your insurance company. Make sure that you have secured every point of entry—doors, windows and garage access—with a lock. Upgrade to a Smart Lock and you can provide secure keyless access too, so there are no secret hiding places to leave a spare key. Burglars know exactly where to look, and they often check those spots first. Smart locks also auto-lock, meaning that, when enabled, the door will automatically relock based on your customized timing.

2. Upgrade Your Locks

A professional burglar will be familiar with almost every type of lock on the market, and they can pick a standard push-button lock or open a sliding door in a matter of seconds. Make sure you’re fitting a solid, smart, deadbolt lock that meets a strike plate and fits within a thick metal or solid wood frame. Change the locks if you’re moving into a new or rented home, as there may be duplicates out there. 

The most secure option is to dispense with keys entirely and choose a smart lock that requires 3D biometric or PIN authentication. With the most advanced smart locks, you can remotely monitor your home and receive security alerts on your smartphone. 

3. Install a Visible Security System

Detection can be a career-ending episode for a professional criminal, which explains why most will steer clear of homes that have an alarm or video surveillance system installed. Make sure to place stickers and signs near the entrance to the property to notify people that they are entering a secure area, and don’t forget to activate the system. There’s no point in connecting alarms and cameras if they’re not monitored from a dashboard. 

4. Show You’re Home (Even When You’re Not)

According to the Department of Justice, over a quarter of burglaries occur while someone is in the home. Nevertheless, most burglars will prefer an empty property. Motion-sensor lighting outside the house will quickly deter anyone who’s skulking in the shadows, while smart lighting inside that’s set to come on and off at random intervals will imply that you’re home, even if the family is away on vacation. With Lockly, you never need to be fully away from home. 

Our next-generation Vision Elite Video Doorbell Smart Locks allow you to remotely monitor whoever is on your porch with alerts sent to your smartphone. If necessary you can also set up auto-recording whenever motion is detected outside your door. 

5. Clear the Exterior and Use Lighting and Cameras

Burglars will be looking for cameras around the front and back doors and will plan their next move from any cover, shadows or blind spots. Give them nowhere to hide by setting up smart lighting that’s triggered before someone reaches the front door and cameras that cover the concealed areas at the rear of the property. If possible, remove any shrubs, outbuildings or features that obscure the view from the street. 

Today’s high-definition video cameras are sharp enough to read the license plate of any car prowling the neighborhood, or the face of anyone waiting to pounce, so long as nothing is blocking their view. The Lockly Vision Elite, for example, is equipped with added infrared night vision, which allows you to see in the dark up to 15 feet away. 

6. Seek Out Trusted Neighbors

If you’re leaving the property for an extended period, for example during vacation, it can be useful to share your smart lock information with a trusted family member, friend or neighbor in case of emergencies. 

With Lockly, smart locks can store up to 16 access codes at a time, including for one administrator and 15 trusted users. You can also create an unlimited number of guest codes as well as one one-time access code. Additionally, the Lockly Secure Plus and Lockly Secure Pro can store up to 99 fingerprints. If you’d like a trusted friend to bring in your mail, check on your cat or monitor your property, smart locks are a seamless and secure way to grant them access.

With Lockly, you can monitor your home remotely almost as closely as if you were on the premises. By installing the latest Video Doorbell Smart Lock, you can track the access history log, view stored video footage to see who’s been testing your keypad or fingerprint sensor, and speak directly to someone who rings the doorbell even when you’re thousands of miles away (they need never know). 

The Lockly Solution for Home Security

Burglars don’t rest when it comes to staying up to date with the latest security systems, but most will admit that they’ve met their match with today’s smart home security systems. 

Faced with Lockly smart locks, deadbolts and next-generation keyless access solutions, intruders can’t deploy their customary toolkit of picks and crowbars. The remote-monitoring features that connect to these devices wirelessly add a further layer of impenetrable security. Any homeowner can give their property business-level security without having to install complex equipment or networks. 

Want to see how the world’s most advanced smart locks can prevent break-ins? Check out our bestselling collection today.


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