Is An Alexa Compatible Door Lock A Good Idea In 2022?

Smart locks are one of the must-have gadgets in today's times. With advancements in technology and design, there are a lot of door lock systems available now with smart features. A standard deadbolt can’t even come close in comparison to smart locks.

While your simple deadbolt is built upon hardware design, the smart house door lock systems are built upon hardware and software. This is one of the primary reasons people are shifting towards smart house door lock or Alexa compatible door lock systems

Alexa Compatible Lockly Vision Smart Lock

Lockly Smart Door Lock Systems

Lockly is a high-tech manufacturer of smart house door lock systems that aims to make your home safe and secure by providing you control, versatility, and access. Today, Lockly has evolved into one of the most advanced intelligent locks and property tech cloud service companies. 

Lockly successfully offers its services to homeowners, builders, and hotels to build an innovative lock system. By using 128-bit encryption, the most secure encryption method available today, Lockly is committed to offering unmatched security features.

Lockly has been featured numerous times in magazines and has been in the news as one of the best new smart home gadgets companies. The company also offers an unmatched customer support system. Lockly is committed to improving and updating its services and always strives for the better.

Why Lockly Alexa Compatible Smart Locks Best for Your Home?

Lockly Alexa Compatible Door lock systems hand over complete control to you. By integrating your smart house door lock system with Alexa you can control your smart door lock system with voice commands.

A lot of times we are unsure of whether we have locked our homes or not. But, with the help of the Lockly door system, you can simply ask Alexa if the door is locked or not and free yourself from worries.

The following key features of the Lockly smart house door lock system offer more capabilities to the user with no compromise on security.

  • 3D Fingerprint Access: No need for the unnecessary hassle to look for your key after a long day’s work. You can simply enter your home with fingertip access.
  • Hack-Proof Keypad: The state-of-the-art keypad design has a hack-proof feature to keep all the invaders and strangers at bay.
  • App-Control: You can control the door lock system with your mobile phone. The application allows you to provide access to your family members and friends even if you are not home.
  • Smart-Integration: We all love integration, and it is what we offer at Lockly. Lockly offers Alexa compatible door lock systems.
  • Easy Installation: The hassle-free installation of the smart house door locks system is an added benefit.
Lockly smart house door lock system provides complete control over the safety of your house. With easy customization options available, you can personalize the intelligent door lock systems for your specific needsLearn more about our top-rated smart locks here!