7 Surprising Features of a Smart Lock That You’ll Love

7 Surprising Features of a Smart Lock That You’ll Love

Smart locks are meant to make home security more convenient and easier to use — and better at keeping uninvited people out. There are some state-of-the-art smart lock features designed to thwart attempts to pick the lock via keypad or fingerprint; preserve battery life; allow others to enter your home with your permission when you're not available; and let you see what's happening at the lock in real-time.

Let's take a look at 7 surprising features that you really should expect you get a smart lock.

1. Peek-Proof Keypad Protects Your Access Code

Keypad entry locks, often called keyless entry when they don’t have the option to use a key, use a numerical keypad with a code to allow entry. The keypad may have push buttons or use a touchscreen. A concern with some keypad entry systems is that a random guess can lead to a lucky guess and then — unauthorized entry. Lockly wants to reduce that risk and has installed a patented PIN Genie keypad in their locks. This is an algorithm that reshuffles the numbers on the keypad when anyone uses it or if incorrect PINs are entered. The keypad will even shut off if there are too many incorrect tries. This makes it harder for anyone to randomly guess the correct code. 

2. Biometric Fingerprint Sensor With Added Security 

Lockly offers a 3D biometric fingerprint sensor that allows you to lock and unlock the smart lock easily without giving away a code or requiring a physical key. Lockly is an industry leader in biometric smart-lock technology and uses an optical sensor, which is better at detecting real vs. fake prints. The sensor is also able to connect to Wi-Fi or network, allowing you to receive notifications via the Lockly app if anyone tries to get in. Many smart locks use semiconductor-based technology to identify a print and unlock the door, but it’s possible to create a fake fingerprint that fools those sensors. 

Lockly’s products let you store up to 99 fingerprints in some models, and if you’re installing a few locks – especially locks on multiple rental properties, for example – you might not be looking forward to programming fingerprints into each lock. Lockly’s Air Transfer feature lets you do that through a Bluetooth or internet connection instead, programming one lock with your fingerprint and then connecting all those smart locks. At that point, you can transfer the print or other user profiles to any or all of the locks. 

3. Grant Access Even When You’re Not At Home

Most smart locks have the support of an app and allow you to control and manage the locks remotely, unlock, lock or see who gets past that lock and into your home. What makes Lockly's smart locks so convenient is the Lockly app, which allows you to have total control of all your smart locks of up to 3 properties for free. By using the app, you can issue door codes, receive real-time alerts and monitor all activity from your phone. 

Lockly users can grant access to family members, friends, or trusted guests for a specific duration of time through the app, using a feature called an eBadge. Lockly created eBadges for those situations where you want to give limited access to someone but may not have the time to cancel that person's door code after the period of time is up. This is particularly helpful if you rent rooms or a house on Airbnb and want that guest's door code to shut off after a certain time so that they can't get back in after they've checked out.

You can also monitor the usage of the eBadge or revoke it anytime from your phone. eBadges require that the guest use the free Lockly app. If the guest doesn't have a smartphone, internet connection or they are hesitant to download an app, you can also grant them access by issuing a unique Offline Access Code for which you set an expiration time.

4. Video Camera for You to View and Record All Visitors 

Many smart locks are now equipped with cameras that allow you to see who is at the door before you even approach the front of the house. Lockly is a superstar in the development of video door locks with high-definition cameras that transmit video to your smartphone. The Vision Elite, Lockly's newest model, combines beloved features from the Lockly Vision, including two-way audio and live streaming, with new features such as infrared night vision that allows you to see up to 15 feet away, and a motion sensor that sends alerts to your smartphone. The camera also offers a full-length view of whoever is standing at the door, rather than limiting you to just seeing a portion of the person. 

5. Reliable Power Supply to Avoid Getting Locked Out

The power supply and battery life are always a big concern when using a smart lock. While you can still use a key in those locks that have that option, if you don’t have your key with you, then that option is meaningless. Smart locks typically take AA-size batteries that are either alkaline or lithium. Lockly’s smart locks preserve battery life, enabling the battery to last nine to 12 months on average. The Vision Elite is even better, using rechargeable lithium batteries to provide constant power.

So what do you do if you’ve ignored the warnings about the low battery power and have come home to a powerless lock, and you don’t have your key? Lockly has included a 9-volt battery connection socket that allows you to provide emergency power on the spot for non-rechargeable batteries.

Our Vision Elite model even has a nifty solar charging panel on top of the deadbolt keyhole cover to provide continuous charging. And our Lockly Secure Pro HT Deadbolt has double the batteries to handle heavier traffic at frequently used doors.

6. Smart-Integration to Control Your Lock With Your Voice

Smart locks are a basic component of any smart home. Wi-Fi-enabled or network-connected smart locks allow you to do things like connect with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to control your lock with your voice. With Lockly’s smart locks, you can customize the service, making it possible to lock only, unlock only, or both lock and unlock, depending on your preferences.  If you are using a Lockly smart lock that only supports Bluetooth, you can always upgrade its capability by adding a Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, which enables you to receive real-time alerts and monitor your lock anytime, anywhere. 

7. Rain Mode To Protect the Smart Lock

One of the issues with touchscreens, in general, is that sometimes, anything can elicit a response from the keypad. While it's not likely that raindrops will fall on the keypad in the exact order and pattern needed to unlock the door, the drops can keep the fingerprint sensors active and contribute to battery drain.

Rain Mode will automatically activate when Lockly smart locks detect any rain/water on the keypad and/or fingerprint sensor for over 45 seconds to protect the locks and extend battery life. The Rain Mode will turn off the fingerprint sensor and keypad for half an hour unless rain/water is still detected; however, you can still get in using a manual method, which varies depending on the lock model.

Although Lockly smart locks are weather resistant to some extent, it’s not recommended to install them on outdoor gates or any place where they’re directly exposed to sunlight, rain, or snow.

Easy Home Security

Lockly knows that keeping your home and family safe is a priority and that you don't have to sacrifice convenience to get that security. With features meant to let you know exactly who is at your door, prevent people from guessing your door code and the ability to control access with your smartphone, Lockly's smart locks are a cut above the rest. Shop today to find the smart locks that work best for you.

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