Quick Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

The summer season is upon us, which means it’s a great time to finish up exterior projects and spruce up the outside of your home. Here are some quick and simple ways to boost curb appeal and welcome guests in style. 

Add a pop of color
Make a statement by giving your door a coat of color. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold and exciting color that gives contrast to your home. It will give your front entryway more personality and attract more attention. Plus, painting your door is one of the most cost-effective ways to update its look.

Pink Frontdoor and Mint Painted Wall

Light Blue Frontdoor Home

Put out plants and flowers
If your home is lacking in color, try adding some fresh flowers to the front porch. Adding a bit of greenery can instantly give a more welcoming feel. Don’t have a green thumb? You can buy ready-made planters and flower boxes from your local garden center for easy installation. Evergreen shrubs like juniper and boxwood can make your home pop. Ferns are also great as front porch foliage and can blend in well with flowers. 

Cozy Front Porch with a Glass Door and Windows

Beautiful Front Porch with Blue Door and Flowers

Simple Front Porch with While Door and Wall

Upgrade your door’s hardware
Your front door is the main portal to your home, so it's important to make a good first impression. Spruce up your door with the pairing of a LOCKLY Vision™ Video Doorbell and a stainless steel doorknob set. This is a great way to add modern sophistication to your door while increasing home security. LOCKLY Vision comes in two finishes. The rich matte black lends a modern look, while the sleek satin nickel adds a touch of subtle elegance. 

Front Door Before and After Installing Lockly Vision Video Smart Door Lock

Impressive Home Entrance with Black Door and Flowers

Include comfortable seating
Welcome your friends and family (and potential buyers) with comfortable porch seating and furniture. For smaller porches, try looking for sectional sofas, accent-size tables, or other low-profile furniture that can be easily moved as needed. If you have a larger porch space, choose rocking chairs, cushioned wicker chairs or benches, or install a porch swing. Porch seating is always inviting and encourages your guests to stay awhile and engage with the neighborhood. 

Neat and Sleek Front Porch

Illuminate the outside
Amplify your home's curb appeal at night with landscape lights or porch lights. You can pick modern fixtures that give your home a little bit more pizzazz. Fixtures add accent lighting to the landscape design, bringing drama and dimension in the evening hours. Exterior light fixtures not only add style but also provide safety and security. A well-lit yard or doorway does double duty, drawing in welcomed visitors and acting as a deterrent to would-be intruders. 

Blue Front Door with a Hello Doormat on the Entrance