What Is the Best Home Security System Without a Subscription?

An image of the best home security camera without a subscription.


In our 2023 preview of the top home security trends to look out for in the year ahead, we identified security-as-a-service as one to watch. Sure enough, homeowners are continuing to discover that there is a more affordable and flexible alternative to costly monthly subscription fees associated with some of the best-known security brands.

By switching to a self-monitored smart lock and video system, homeowners can enjoy greater autonomy and respond faster to emergencies. If you’re locked into a home security contract but want to try smart locks instead, here are the best home security cameras to choose from without a subscription. 

What Are the Benefits of Subscription-free Home Security Systems?

There’s a useful parallel between home security subscriptions and cellphone plans. Subscription services will often minimize the upfront cost (equipment, installation etc.) to the customer, only for the consumer to pay over the odds in the long-term when it comes to the monthly fee. They might give you a top-of-the-range device at low or no cost when the contract begins, but lock you into a lengthy contract that’s hard to get out of for the privilege. 

It’s the same with home security systems. Most of the best-known subscription providers impose lengthy contracts that you can’t break or amend without paying stiff penalties. If your home security system is professionally monitored, you will likely need to pay between $10 and $60 each month. Even then, the you as the homeowner won’t enjoy full autonomy over the service. The ownership and administration of the hardware, software and network belong to the security company. 

If you want the flexibility to switch providers or adjust your service package without penalties, don’t want to pay monthly fees, and wish to retain full ownership of your hardware, a DIY subscription-free service such as Lockly is the ideal option. 

Key Features to Look for in Subscription-free Home Security Systems

Be careful, however, not to trade affordability and autonomy for 360-degree security resilience. In their defense, subscription services offer 24/7 dispatch teams on standby, technical support, and maintenance if devices or software fail. Not all subscription-free providers can fill the gap. That’s why you should check for the following features (standard with all Lockly devices) when looking for a home security system.

Wireless connectivity. Almost every home today has its own Wi-Fi network and it’s easy to integrate your Lockly Smart Lock into the network. That means there’s no gap to bridge between the owner and the security system. You can administer it all from your smartphone or tablet, with the flexibility to set it up exactly as you want. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled lock, you also have access to remote monitoring.

Motion detection. Unwanted visitors to your porch, from intruders to package pirates, hate it when there’s a motion sensor to announce their arrival. If your camera can’t spot a fresh face on the doorstep, it’s not as resilient as it needs to be. 

Video monitoring. This is the game changer. With the next-generation surveillance options available with our Lockly Vision Elite Smart Lock, for example, you’re in control, thanks to an HD Video Camera (with night vision). This feature allows you to view, record, and interact with anyone on your porch in real-time, whether you’re in the house or miles away. What’s more, you don’t have to bother the security company for footage. It’s all stored in your cloud account for instant reference. 

Smartphone integration. The dashboard for controlling your system is just as important as the surveillance hardware. As a minimum, you should be looking for remote control and monitoring from a device that you already carry - as in your smartphone. Simply download the Lockly app and your go-to device becomes your security operations control panel. 

Lockly Products: The Superior Subscription-Free Security Experience

As one of the pioneers of smart locks, and a market leader in smart surveillance-as-a-service, Lockly is a name you can trust for your subscription-free security. All our devices are easy to install (so you don’t need a third-party) and require no monthly subscription. Choose the features you need and can access all the support through the app or our customer service team. 

Lockly’s Most Popular Solutions

Lockly Secure Plus

Secure your internal or external door with 3D fingerprint access, PIN Genie, or conventional key. Manage access from your smartphone over Bluetooth, or upgrade to Wi-Fi connectivity by purchasing Secure Link. 

Lockly Secure Pro

Offers the innovative features of the Secure Plus, with Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity, so you can administer access from anywhere. That’s great if you’re managing multiple properties. Offline access means you still share access codes even when there’s no internet.  

Lockly Secure Link 

This Wi-Fi hub is already included in the Secure Pro package and allows you to connect your Smart Lock seamlessly to the app, giving you real-time updates. 

Choosing the Right Subscription-Free Home Security System for Your Budget

Budget will obviously be a deciding factor, but with a subscription-free system, there are no hidden upgrade fees or penalties for changing your package to factor in. The price you see on our site is transparent. 

Beyond that, the sophistication of the model you choose will largely depend on:

  • Your individual security needs. Do you want to secure the main exterior access points only, or also restrict access to interior areas and rooms?
  • How many people are likely to need access? While you can administer up to 99 accounts on the app, you’ll probably want Secure Pro-level features if you’re managing a wide variety of access privileges remotely. 
  • Do you need voice control? That too is a feature that will require the Secure Pro. It’s a great tool if you need to vet people requesting access or give further instructions (ie. for deliveries) remotely. 

Lockly allows you to select a powerful, innovative roster of features without signing up to a stack of contractual small print. You’re in control of your home security from day one, but you can still get support and troubleshooting advice under the terms of your warranty. 

To find the right model for your budget and needs, explore our full range of subscription-free home security options for complete peace of mind.