6 Things You Need to Know about Fingerprint Door Locks

A fingerprint smart door lock provides a higher level of security. Unlike typical cylinder locks, this new technology offers a more fool-proof security solution for your property. It’s modern, easy to use, and offers a slew of features you can’t find on other locks. 

If you’re planning to invest in a video doorbell smart lock, you should know the following things first:

1. Fingerprint door locks are tamper-proof.

Fingerprint door locks utilize a warning system that notifies the owner of forced entry attempts. Many lock manufacturers like Lockly use high-grade steel and tough materials that resist prying. 

Moreover, these smart locks emit a loud warning beep whenever someone tries to tamper with them. This will send burglars running. It will also alert the people around, which reduces the likelihood of break-in incidents.

Another great feature of fingerprint door locks is their automatic locking mechanism. The moment you close the door, the lock will engage. You don’t have to manually set it, which is a very helpful feature for those who always forget to secure their doors.

2. It’s more than just fingerprints.

A fingerprint deadbolt isn’t just about biometrics. You can find a smart lock with a video camera that combines two security features in a nifty package. It also allows you to monitor your doorstep even if you’re not home.

3. You can get them in hybrid models.

Hybrid locks utilize both a biometric fingerprint system and a passcode. This doubles the protection the lock provides. It also allows you to set temporary passcodes to grant access to visitors and family members.

Here at Lockly, we provide hybrid smart locks for a reasonable price. We have a hack-proof keypad and accurate fingerprint scanners for fool-proof security.

fingerprint smart door lock

4. You can monitor it remotely.

A smart lock pairs with a mobile app that you can use wherever you are. You can check entry attempts anytime, and you can also see what’s happening on your front door in real-time.

For homeowners who are always traveling, a fingerprint smart lock is an indispensable investment. It protects your home with added peace of mind.

5. You should check the FAR and FRR ratings.

FAR stands for False Acceptance Rating, while FRR pertains to False Rejection Rating. It’s important to check these two aspects before buying any fingerprint lock.

An FRR below 1% is the ideal option, while FAR shouldn’t be higher than 0.0001%. This guarantees that your fingerprint lock won’t provide access to unauthorized individuals.

6. It’s not exclusive to business establishments.

Many people assume that fingerprint smart locks are only suitable for offices and tech-savvy establishments. The truth is that you can install this same technology in your home.

At Lockly, we provide smart locks for every door, whether it’s in your humble home or a multi-million office. We believe that everyone should have access to better security at all times.

Over the years, fingerprint door locks are becoming commonplace in households all over the world. It just proves that more and more homeowners are investing in their security.


A video doorbell smart lock will provide a safer and more convenient way to protect your property. It costs more than traditional locks, but the benefits and features will pay for itself. It’s an investment that will secure you, your family, and your hard-earned possessions.