The 5 Things that We Should Know about the Fingerprint Smart Lock Door

Fingerprint smart lock doors are one of the best digital door locking systems. Not only are they efficient and serve their purpose well, but they’re also sleek and give a polished effect to your home front. They are the marker of a tech-savvy home that is likely equipped with other smart devices as well. Here are a few things to know about these locks.

fingerprint smart door lock

High Security

Because of the system of this lock, a key is unnecessary, because its functionality is in the technical space. This means that stolen or lost keys aren’t a security problem. Without your fingerprint, no one can get into your home.

Sleek Designs

Lockly provides a service wherein you can customize the locks you buy from them, including fingerprint smart locks. For all you San Fran dwellers looking to style your front door, you may ask for designs to accentuate your home.

Backup Numerical Passcode

A situation could arise where it’s not possible to put in your fingerprint. This could be if you’re wearing gloves or if your finger is dirty. Herein, you can put in a numerical passcode instead to get back into your home. However, remember not to share this code with anyone else, especially someone you do not trust.

Hybrid Models

Lockly offers fingerprint smart locks that also have turn-in keyholes if you would like to use something like that. This may work for people that are not very tech-savvy but know a little about technology.

Locks for Hospitality

Because of the remote user management and access control facility, these locks can be used for different customers staying at hotels and bed ‘n breakfasts. The system can be altered by the administrator or head of security.