8 Innovations of the Lockly Vision Elite

The Lockly Vision Elite in a home.

More than 12 million Americans have installed smart locks, while over 18.2 percent own a video camera or doorbell camera – and with interest in smart security higher than ever, you can expect plenty of options among both categories. But what you won’t find many of are video doorbell smart locks, and that’s the first thing that makes the Lockly Vision Elite, an all-in-one network-connected smart lock with a full HD camera, stand apart from the crowd. 

As of one of the Best Smart Locks of 2023, the Vision Elite is a “premium pick” for innovative security, with an all-in-one solution combining a doorbell camera, built-in solar panel and biometric sensor. Combo functionality is just the beginning, though – let’s explore the elevated features that make the Lockly Vision Elite truly next-gen.   

What Is the Lockly Vision Elite?

At its core, the Lockly Vision Elite combines a fully featured network-connected smart lock and a full HD doorbell camera into a single, sleek package that allows these two essential security features to work in tandem with one another. As a video doorbell smart lock, it subtly redefines smart home security.  

On the smart lock side, the Vision Elite features a speedy, accurate fingerprint sensor alongside a peek-proof digital keypad, offering various options for truly keyless entry. Offline access codes, physical keys and 9V backup access add to the fallbacks and options, while rekeying capability and rechargeable batteries add to the longevity and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home up the convenience factor.   

As a doorbell camera, the Lockly Vision Elite sports full high-definition optics of up to 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, up to 91 hours of local video storage, and plug-n-play network setup with perks like a motion sensor that can be set to auto-record and infrared night vision capabilities that see up 15 feet through the dark. That all comes with no subscriptions, no monthly fees and a totally free-to-use proprietary app (more on that later). Maybe that’s why USA Today calls the Lockly Vision Elite “one of the most comprehensive smart locks on the market today.” 

How the Lockly Vision Elite Rises Above the Rest

When we named the Lockly Vision Elite, we weren’t kidding about the “elite” part. Sure, as a video doorbell smart lock, the Vision Elite conveniently combines two security pillars without sacrificing curb appeal (it even comes in your choice of matte black or satin nickel), but it’s the laundry list of innovative features under the hood that truly take the Lockly Vision Elite to the next level. Just a few of those bleeding-edge innovations include:  

1. 3D Biometric Fingerprint Scanning 

While it’s common for fingerprint readers to scan in 2D, making for a more finicky and less secure process, the Lockly Vision Elite is anything but common. With award-winning 3D biometric fingerprint scanning tech, it enables quick 0.3 second fingerprint recognition. The Elite also reads more of the fingerprint’s unique data with greater accuracy, and with lots more tolerance to fingerprint positioning,making it harder to fool.

2. The Magic of Patented PIN Genie

Speaking of harder to fool, we’d like you to meet PIN Genie®, your faithful guardian against sneaky PIN pad peekers. While other PIN pads make it easy for wrongdoers to memorize your PIN based on the movement of your fingers, the Vision Elite’s hack-proof digital keypad uses patented PIN Genie tech, which randomly shuffles the locations of numbers on the pad each time you use it.

3. Night Vision & Motion Sensor

Equipped with exceptional night vision capabilities, the Lockly Vision Elite ensures crystal-clear visibility even in low-light conditions, allowing you to monitor your surroundings day and night. Additionally, its highly sensitive motion sensors provide an extra layer of security by detecting any suspicious activity and sending real-time alerts directly to your smartphone. The Lockly App can be set to alert you when the camera detects motion, or when someone enters or attempts to enter, and a whole lot more besides. Rest assured, with the Lockly Vision Elite, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safeguarded around the clock.

4. Plenty of Space for Guests

Smart home security isn’t just about protecting your home, it’s also about personalizing who you grant access to. That’s why the Lockly Vision Elite can grant access to up to 99 different fingerprints, any of which can be revoked or activated at any time you wish. 

5. Contactless Access

The Lockly Vision Elite may have plenty of space for fingerprints, but not everyone needs a permanent spot. Our revocable scan-to-open feature displays a handy blue QR code on the lock that anyone with temporary access cna scan through the Lockly App – think delivery persons, babysitters or Airbnb guests – for truly contactless access. To grant revokable access to others, you can also create an eBadge and send the eKey to the trusted person.

6. Solar-Assisted Power

Alongside a high-energy Lithium rechargeable battery, a small solar panel provides our video doorbell smart lock with lasting power. This one-two power punch enables the Lockly Vision Elite to keep on ticking on one rechargeable Lithium battery.

7. Two-Way Talk

To be honest, “Vision” doesn’t exactly cover it. The Lockly Vision Elite also features two-way audio, so you can chat with whoever’s at your door while you peep a live video feed from anywhere. And, yes, that’s as handy as it is secure, whether you’re verifying your dog walker or letting party guests in from upstairs. That two-way talk all happens right from your smartphone – and speaking of…

8. The Lockly App

At the center of all these features, ensuring they all work in silky synergy, is the free Lockly App, with smartphone controls that work from anywhere you have network. The app allows you to monitor, open and close your door with ease. It also provides a variety of ways to share and revoke access to your property, including revocable eKeys and eBadges and offline access code. Through the app, you can review access logs and HD video recordings.

The Lockly App also allows you to manage multiple locks in your home simultaneously should you invest in enhanced property protection. With Family Mode, your admin account can sync and monitor all locks at a glance. What’s more, with Air Transfer you can copy user profiles (including access code and fingerprint data) from different Lockly smart locks to ensure effortless setup. 

Lockly Vision Elite

Lockly Vision

Secure Pro

Network Connection

Full HD Camera

Video Doorbell

Live Streaming

Night Vision

Motion Sensor

Solar Panel

PIN Genie® Keypad

3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor 

Remote Control

Voice Control

Real-time Notification

No Monthly Fee


A Clear Vision

If we’re being real, a list of seven features only scratches the surface of how the Lockly Vision Elite can make your living space safer and a whole lot more seamless. It’s a vision you might just need to see for yourself – take a look at Lockly.com or shout us out on Twitter. We’ll keep our eyes open. 

Dan is a Dallas-based freelance and small business writer with more than a decade of experience. In the tech and business worlds, he’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with Samsung, Verizon, Motley Fool, USA Today, Linksys, Vizio and many more. 


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