Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

Here at Lockly, we offer an easy and reliable way to secure your property. Instead of traditional locks with keys that can be stolen or lost, a fingerprint smart door lock reduces break-ins risk. It’s a modern solution for every home with manageable maintenance and intuitive operation.

In this era of technology, your home can’t be left behind. Instead of using locks that can be bumped and cracked open, you can switch to a Wifi fingerprint door lock that you can monitor all day long.

While keyed locks are simpler and straightforward, it doesn’t offer the same level security that you’ll get from a fingerprint door lock. The latter is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you check access attempts. You can even make access codes for your family and friends even if you’re not at home.

Forced entry is almost impossible with a fingerprint door lock. Our fingerprint door lock systems have an alert feature that will notify you of failed access and even forced entry. Unlike other smart locks, our fingerprint locks can store multiple records so you can give access only to people you trust.

Fingerprint door locks are also easier to maintain. There are no keys to think about, and we will offer assistance for any glitch or questions you’ll have.

It’s impossible to pick fingerprint door locks. Trying to damage it will trigger an alert, which will let you foil a burglary attempt.

fingerprint smart door lock

How do you pick a fingerprint door lock?

Are you looking for a fingerprint deadbolt lock? Here at Lockly, we consider the following features paramount when looking for a reliable smart lock.

Intelligence alert system

Multiple attempts using the wrong code or fingerprint should prompt alerts to the owner. This will help prevent any possibility of burglary. System alerts like low voltage and low battery are also ideal.

Fingerprint detector.

Most modern locks use either an optical or semiconductor fingerprint identification technology. Semiconductor detectors have lower rejection and false-positive rates. Meanwhile, optical versions are wear-resistant while offering almost the same level of accuracy.

Smart connectivity

A Bluetooth or Wifi fingerprint door lock is a good option as it lets you monitor and operate your lock even if you’re away from home. It will let you check access records, so you’ll know who enters your home at a specific time.

Number pad

Aside from the fingerprint function, our locks have an ever-changing number pad. This will prevent sneaky neighbors or thieves from spying on your code. It will also serve as an alternate mode of entry if a fingerprint record isn’t available.

Camera feature. Another excellent feature that fingerprint door locks offer is a built-in camera. It will let you peek on who’s at the door before opening it. It also works as a close circuit camera for anyone who will try to break into your home. We also have a fingerprint lock with a built-in doorbell.

Offline access codes. Are you expecting someone to arrive at your home while you’re away? You can set up a code ahead, even without an internet connection.