Are Smart Locks Easy to Install?

Smart Lock Installation: Are They Easy to Install?

Whether you call an expert or you like to go hands-on with a little DIY around the house, the process of installing a new smart lock usually goes by pretty quickly. Of course, your smart lock installation process will vary depending on the model of the lock, the type of door, whether it’s a whole new installation or a lock replacement and how prepared you are for the process. Especially on that last note, Lockly is here to help. 

Are Smart Locks Easy to Install? 

So let’s get right to it. Can smart door locks also be easy-to-install door locks? The short answer is a resounding “yes.” 

Nowadays, smart locks are often made specifically for do-it-yourself installation, though models, of course, vary and professional help is always an option. Across Lockly’s wide range of smart locks, we aim for easy-to-install door locks that will be a breeze for any DIY-er — even those who have zero locksmithing experience. Typically, you’ll only need a screwdriver or two; possibly a pair of pliers; and a measuring tape.  

New Door Smart Lock Installation

Again, it’s important to note that every smart lock varies, but you’re likely to encounter a pretty uniform installation process as a baseline. That process often entails a workflow that looks a little something like this:

  • Remove the existing lockset from the door.
  • Measure to confirm that the boreholes are the correct size for your smart lock.
  • Insert the new lockset and secure it with screws.
  • Attach the exterior smart lock assembly by inserting a pin or rod into the upper borehole (this is often helped along with adhesive strips), and guide the connection cables through the borehole.
  • Screw on any included mounting plates.
  • Plug the cable in and attach the interior smart lock assembly.
  • Insert batteries.
  • Pop on the covers and faceplates.
  • Screw in the door strike.

Keep in mind that just about every door is a little different, so you may encounter small bumps in the road — just remember that every problem has a solution. For example, if your mounting plate doesn’t fit snugly, you may need a different screw size to suit the thickness of your door. Overtightened screws or loosely connected wires during installation can interfere with smart lock performance, too, so both may require tweaking. On the tech side, you’ll need to make sure your smart device and your smart lock app are both connected to the same network, and you may need to reboot your router if you encounter connection issues.

Replacement Smart Lock Installation

In some cases — such as when you’re the owner of a rental property or an Airbnb host — you’ll want to simply rekey your smart lock rather than performing a whole new smart lock installation, as this can be a much more cost-effective measure than full replacement (not to mention a quicker one). 

Many smart locks can be rekeyed with a rekeying kit from the manufacturer, Lockly uses a 6-pin ( Deadbolt Editions) and 5-pin (Latch Editions) cylinders which can be replaced with existing brands of rekeying kits available in the market, while keeping the rest of the smart lock as-is. This process typically entails removing the interior and exterior smart lock assembly (and handle if present) and then simply sliding in a new cylinder before replacing the enclosure.

Types of Doors Smart Locks Are Installed On

Smart locks are compatible with both deadbolt locks and latch-style locks. While deadbolt-style installations are a hair more straightforward, latch-style door locks may require a few additional steps. For instance, you’ll need to take a little extra time to attach the handle to the smart lock enclosure and ensure that the handle turns properly with your door’s alignment when installing a latch-style smart lock. 

Otherwise, most doors that feature boreholes for common analog locksets are widely compatible with smart locks. Smart locks don’t just make front, back and side doors safer at home. They can also make garage doors, security doors and — in some cases — even windows safer with secure locks that give homeowners more control, as well as features like motion sensing and remote video playback. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a Smart Lock?

Because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different varieties of smart locks on the market, smart lock installation times can vary widely. For Lockly’s lineup, though, installation generally takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Our installation videos and manuals are available for customers to follow as well.

Smart Lock Installation Costs

Hiring a professional to install your smart lock can cost anywhere from about $80 to $340 per door, though local locksmith rates will, of course, vary. The complexity of the lock affects the cost, too, with additional features like cameras, sensors and multiple locks naturally adding to the labor cost. 

On the other hand, choosing the do-it-yourself route costs zero dollars, a little bit of elbow grease and about half an hour of your time. Plus, you’ll get paid in the feeling of sweet, sweet satisfaction.

Start Today

Smart locks like the ones we’re proud to offer at Lockly exist to make your life a little easier, and the smart lock installation process should be just as streamlined. That said, there’s not an ounce of shame in hiring a professional if DIY just isn’t your thing. But if you do go DIY by following our installation guides and end up needing a hand during your Lockly smart lock installation, we’re more than happy to help at Lockly Support or at (669) 500-8835.

Dan Ketchum is a freelance writer and small business owner with 13 years of experience. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with publishers and brands such as Fortune, Toshiba, Samsung, The Seattle Times, The Motley Fool and more along the way.


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