Lockly Brings Peace of Mind to Sarah: Customer Story

Lockly is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we always welcome feedback. Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with one of our happy customers, Sarah, who gave us some insight into how Lockly has helped improved her life.

Sarah told us that she is a single mom with two kids ages 9 and 16. As a single mom, life can get pretty hectic especially with a pre-teen and a teen, especially when she’s also working as a nurse in an assisted living facility for seniors. There are constant demands from her and she also has to worry about the security of the family.

Woman Opening a Lockly Smart Keypad Door Lock

Nowadays, there are often news reports of burglaries that happen simply because someone was careless and left a door unlocked. Sarah was always worried about her kids’ safety since she has to work late sometimes and her kids are home alone in the afternoons without her. She heard about Lockly from a co-worker, who also owns a Lockly smart lock. Deciding to invest in a peace of mind, she decided to buy a Lockly Secure Plus Deadbolt.

Lockly Helped Sarah to Have Convenient and Safe Home Entry

According to Sarah, she loves Lockly’s convenience. Sarah’s car is keyless, which is why her keys are always in her purse. Before, she used to have to dig into her purse to find her keys. But, after getting the Lockly Secure Plus Deadbolt, she no longer has to do that.

Car Keys with Robot Accessory

When she goes from her car to the house, she doesn’t need to fumble for keys in front of her door at night anymore, she just uses the fingerprint scanner to unlock her door. With that, she says her life has been streamlined thanks to Lockly—no more keys!

No Worries with Losing Keys

Another of Sarah’s worries was about losing the key, which sometimes happens. Before she purchased a Lockly, Sarah’s 16-year-old daughter had her locker broken into at school and her backpack was stolen. Besides her schoolbooks and supplies, her daughter’s house key and driver’s permit were also in the backpack. Sarah worried that the thief would potentially use the key and the knowledge of their home address printed on the driver’s permit to break into their house.

Bag and Things for School

Sarah, not wanting to sacrifice her peace of mind, had to change the entire lock on the front door. Using Lockly, she and her kids no longer have to worry about losing their keys since they don’t have anything to lose anymore. To open their front door, all the family has to do is to enter the access code, use the smart lock’s fingerprint scanner, or even their phone app.

Lockly Keeps You Safe Even if You Forget

Kids these days will never know what it’s like dialing a memorized number to call their friends because all they have to do is press a button to connect. Sarah says the fingerprint scanner is especially great for her 9-year-old son who didn’t want to memorize an access code. Aside from the fingerprint scanner, the auto-lock feature of Lockly was also great for her son since he often rushes out the door and forgets to lock it.

Lockly Door Locks Keeps you Safe Even If you Forget

With the auto-lock feature, Sarah notes that she feels safe and secure because she knows the door locks behind her kids when they come home from school and at night even if she forgets to check it before going to bed.

Welcome Guests, Here’s a Digital Key!

Once Sarah’s sister was visiting from out of town for the first time since Sarah installed the new Lockly. Her flight got in mid-morning while the kids were at school and Sarah as at work. Instead of hiding a physical key somewhere or having to go home to let her sister in, Sarah simply issued her an eKey ahead time and her sister was able to let herself into the house.

Blue Welcome Doormat in Frontdoor

It’s clear that the Lockly Secure Plus Deadbolt has significantly improved Sarah’s life, making it convenient and safe so that she can have peace of mind. We thank Sarah for sharing her wonderful story and we’d invite you to share yours! If Lockly has made a change in your life, we’d love to hear about it!