How Security Cameras Can Make Your Home More Secure

The usage of security cameras is a growing trend amongst homeowners who want peace of mind to protect against thieves. There are many different kinds of cameras, all with the same goal: to ensure the security and safety of the home. Many people have outdoor cameras, even cameras for their doorbell, but what about indoor cameras? After all, that is really what cameras are meant to protect—your belongings inside your home.

The following are some ways on how indoor security cameras make your home and family members more secured and protected.

Indoor Security Camera

Extra Layer of Security

The safety and security of your home is very important for you. Installing your indoor security camera will keep an eye on your things even you are not at home. Many people choose to install indoor security cameras in addition to outdoor security cameras. This will serve as an extra layer of security and give you that extra peace of mind. There is comfort in knowing that your house is being protected by surveillance 24/7, inside and out.

Extra Layer of Security

Motion Alerts Let You Know About Intruders

If you have an outdoor security camera installed, you know all about the false alerts that can set of the motion sensors. Sometimes it’s just a car passing by or a neighbor walking their dog. There are many things out the outside of your house that can trigger the motion sensor on your outdoor security cameras and after a while, we tend to ignore the alerts. However, with indoor security cameras, when you are not home, the only thing that would trigger the motion sensor of your indoor security camera would be an intruder. This way, any motion alert you receive would be an urgent matter and you could potentially catch a burglar in the act.

Check Up on Your Pets

Many of you may have pets in your home. It is hard to leave your pets in your home alone. Putting an indoor security camera will help you to check your favorite pets anytime and anywhere. Some security cameras can connect on your mobile phones so that you will be able to check your pets left inside your house. There is a bit of trial and error to make sure your pets don’t set off the motion alert, but once you’ve figured out the sensitivity, you will have that extra peace of mind.

Check Up on your Pets

The Solution for Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment, your landlord most likely would not allow you to install cameras on the exterior. In this case, indoor cameras are the perfect solution to protect your home. Indoor cameras are also great for apartments for when the landlord or maintenance people must enter your home when you are not home. The cameras can help you keep an eye on your things, even while you’re gone.

With a combination of indoor and outdoor security cameras, and a bit of vigilance, your home and family will feel completely safe and protected—all thanks to this wonderful technology.

The Next Generation of Security Cameras: The Lockly Vision Elite

When it comes to home security, video doorbells and smart locks take convenience and peace of mind to the next level. Rather than just passively recording footage like traditional security cameras, the Lockly Vision Elite acts as your personalized doorman - letting you see, hear, speak to, and grant access to visitors right from your phone. With advanced features like night vision, motion and door sensors, HD video, and two-way audio all packed neatly into a smart deadbolt, the Vision Elite eliminates the need for standalone video doorbells or cameras. It offers an all-in-one active security solution that puts you in complete control. Smarter than hidden cameras, more advanced than a basic video doorbell, Lockly’s elite smart lock with built-in video intercom is the new frontier for an effortlessly secure smart home.