Amazing Things a Smart Home Can Do for You

You already have a smartphone, what’s stopping you from having a smart home too? A smart home is a sci-fi wonder that’s actually real. It is continually evolving and becoming an integral part of people’s lives. There is a huge potential with smart homes especially when it comes to convenience.

In that regard, here are five remarkable things that a smart home can do for you.

1. Turn on the Lights When it Senses You Are Almost Home

Smart homes systems can include lighting control options. Most people know that you can control the lights with an app away from home but did you know that they can be automated too? One of the features you can utilize is having the lights turn on when you are near home. After a long day at work, you will be greeted by an illuminated house, and feel welcomed home.

Turn on the Lights When it Senses You Are Almost Home

2. Start the Coffee Maker When You Get Out of Bed

Your smart home can be wired to work in many ways that will make your life easier and more efficient. With a smart home, you can set up the coffee maker to start making coffee when it senses your head leaving the pillow—that’s when you’re actually out of bed. Traditional coffee makers can only be set to start making coffee at a set time every day, but sometimes you wake up late or maybe you want to sleep in. With a smart home, your coffee will always be fresh when you’re ready for it.

Start the Coffee Maker When You Get Out of Bed

3. Tell You When You Have Mail

Your smart phone alerts you when you get a new email and now your smart home can tell you when you get mail in your mailbox. How many times have you gone outside to check the mailbox only to realize the mail person hasn’t made their delivery yet? It may seem like a simple thing but it’s the small things that add up.

4. Turn Off the AC/Heater When Your Windows Open

With how much costly energy bills can get, you need to make every, you need to make every effort to save as much energy as you can. You might think that a smart home will add to your bills, but it doesn’t. By turning off your AC or heater whenever your windows are opened or when there aren’t people using them around, you can save a lot. Automatic off is one of the biggest perks that a smart home has to offer you.

Turn Off the AC/Heater When Your Windows Open

5. Lock the Doors When You Forget

Ever leave your home only to wonder if you locked your front door? You’ll have to waste time driving back home to lock the doors or worry all day about someone entering your home—either way, it’s a hassle. Fortunately, a smart home can save you the trouble. With Lockly’s smart lock, you can set an automatic timer that bolts the door seconds or minutes after you leave. One less thing to worry about!

Lock the Doors When You Forget

If you are looking for a way to utilize the advantages of a smart home, you can start at With a smart lock, you’re well on your way to a smart home.

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