6 Reasons Why a Smart Lock May Be the Perfect Gift for Mom

Mom's Front Door

This year, welcome Mom home with a smart lock that not only adds curb appeal but also brings security, convenience, and peace of mind to her life. Here are 6 reasons why a smart lock may be the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

1. Mom is always on the go

If mom is constantly in and out of the house, a smart lock will give her the quick access she needs. LOCKLY Secure Plus, Secure Pro, and Vision™ all come with a biometric fingerprint reader to provide quick keyless entry and convenience. Each lock is also equipped with a customizable auto-lock feature, so mom doesn't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. 

2. Mom is working full-time 

Trying to balance work life and home life is hard, especially for a full-time working mom. Since mom won't always be at home, a LOCKLY smart lock allows her to set up Recurring Guest Access Codes. These codes are handy for letting in babysitters, dog walkers, cleaners, or other people that need access to mom's home on specific days of the week. 

3. Mom has a big family 

A LOCKLY smart lock helps mom know when a family member arrives home safely. Thanks to real-time alerts and logs, mom will know exactly when the kids get home from school. Is there a teenage daughter that likes to break curfew? Mom will get a notification on her smartphone whenever someone unlocks or opens the door. Providing Trusted User Access Codes for each family member will give mom peace of mind if someone happens to lose their keys. 

4. Mom always has her hands full 

With the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, mom won't have to fumble for her keys while dragging in bags of groceries. Mom can pair her lock with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control. With her voice, mom can instantly unlock or check the status of her lock by asking questions such as, "Alexa, is my front door locked?". With her smartphone, mom can lock and unlock her door wherever she is by simply pressing a button on the app. 

5. Mom loves to stay active

Whether mom is into yoga, jogging, or simply spending time outdoors, LOCKLY smart locks give her the freedom to do what she loves without being weighed down by keys. With a smart lock, mom has the flexibility to choose how to access her home. Next time mom goes for a walk, she can leave her phone and keys behind and use a 4-8 digit code instead.

6. Mom has rental property

If mom has a vacation home to rent out, a smart lock can help eliminate the hassle of key exchanges. Mom can easily send Offline Access Codes™ to guests remotely without having the guest download the app. A LOCKLY Vision Video Doorbell + Smart Lock helps mom see and greet her guests, ensuring they arrive comfortably and securely.