Why Smart Locks Are the Future of Home Security

Improved Connectivity and Security

Offering much more than convenience, when you integrate smart locks into the security system of the house, you increase connectivity among home devices that you have available within the house.

To get the most of the services that smart locks offer, users can program smart locks with:

  • Video surveillance cameras. This allows you do much more than check who comes in and out of the house and who operates the doors without being there to watch,
  • Smartphones. Gaining control of the smart lock settings via mobile devices, with this a user gets mobile alerts when there are security breaches and
  • Security alarms. Users can program security alarms so that they triggered if and when the smart lock is tampered with.

Improving the security levels is very easy with smart locks, for instance, an automated home security system via smart locks would immediately alert users of suspicious events and activities, users can even monitor activities within the house continuously, allowing users to better manage, safeguard and protect their homes.

With the unique access codes, users track movement into and out of the house, you can tell who enters your home, when and from which entrance. When paired with smart doorbells, users can easily know when they receive guests, asides from the function that allows you receive alerts whenever visitors arrive.

Users can arm and disarm security system once doors are safely locked, engage in two-way conversations with visitors via the intercom system so that they ascertain who the guests at the door are.

So as to offer higher levels of security, smart lock users are notified when doors are left unlocked. Statistics show that over thirty-three percent of a break-in and burglary activities happen as a result or more easily with unlocked doors, meaning that these security breaches occur without forced entry, allowing burglars access homes through unlocked exterior doors.

With smart locks, if a door is left unlocked, a notification is sent to the user’s phone. Smart locks offer completely improved connectivity and security because users can integrate the system with other security features and users get notified when doors are left unlocked, it is easy and convenient.