Why Smart Home Remodeling Starts with Smart Locks

Smart home remodeling with a smart lock to garage.

It’s a huge relief as a homeowner to know that your property is protected from unauthorized or unwanted access. You can unlock this feeling in just a few minutes by installing a Lockly Smart Lock. But why stop at one? There are further opportunities to fortify your home inside and out, as well as define clear access policies for rooms or areas within the building with a second smart door lock. 

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a type of electronic lock designed to be operated through a wireless network or Bluetooth-enabled device. Unlike traditional locks that require a physical key to unlock, smart locks use various methods such as passwords, biometrics or proximity sensors to grant access to authorized individuals. 

Smart locks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and security features. With a smart lock, homeowners no longer need to worry about losing or forgetting their keys, as they can simply use their smartphone or a customized code to unlock the door. Additionally, smart locks often come equipped with features such as remote access and real-time monitoring, allowing homeowners to monitor their homes and grant access to visitors from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Benefits of Owning Multiple Lockly Smart Locks

Securing the primary entrance to your home or business should be a priority. Doing so sends a clear message to anyone scouting that you mean business. That doesn’t mean the job is done, however. Many of today’s homes aren’t restricted to a single main entrance, so there are likely additional access points you need to secure. And given that professional thieves or intruders are likely to persist until they’ve found a weakness, there’s a strong case for installing second smart locks

1. Security

Investing in a second smart lock adds an enhanced layer of security. You wouldn’t fix just one leak in a pipe or one puncture in a tire. The integrity of the whole structure has to be secured. The same goes for your home. 

Surprisingly, only a third of thieves enter through the front door, because they know that it’s likely to be the hardest to open. Instead, burglars typically locate the side window or rear door you’ve overlooked. Regain the advantage by securing secondary doors with a smart lock such as the Peek-Proof Secure Plus and the Flex Touch, and augment their capabilities with a Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub. With their universal fitment and easy installation, these smart locks allow you to control door access from anywhere, receive real-time alerts and access history by connecting to the Wi-Fi Hub. You can also sync both smart locks to your app for coordinated protection of your home.

2. Convenience and Accessibility

Having two smart locks in your home can be incredibly convenient, especially when it comes to entering and exiting the property. One of the main advantages of having two smart locks is that it can make it both easier for you to access the home and more difficult for unwanted guests. For example, if you have two locks with the same fingerprint and access data, you can unlock both doors without the need for separate key fobs or passwords.

Because Lockly smart locks can be remotely controlled through a single app or LocklyOS™, you can use your smartphone or other devices to unlock both doors from anywhere, whether you’re close by or across the globe. This feature can be handy for people who frequently have guests or service providers coming and going from their homes, as it allows them to grant access remotely without needing to be there physically. 

By investing in high-quality locks that can be easily integrated with smart home systems, you can improve your security and make your life more convenient at the same time

3. Cost-Effective

Some people may be hesitant to invest in a second smart lock out of fear it might be too expensive. Yet purchasing a second smart lock can actually serve as a more cost-effective option than upgrading an entire security system. 

Although the cost of purchasing two smart locks may seem high initially, the added benefits and security they provide may outweigh the cost in the long run. With two smart locks, you can secure multiple entry points of your home with ease. Lockly smart locks are painless to install, so you won't need to pay for a professional. 

Debunking Common Concerns of Second Smart Locks

The primary concern for home or business owners when it comes to purchasing a second smart lock is cost. Though there’s an initial expense when purchasing the lock, you’ll soon recoup the cost with lower insurance premiums, not to mention the lower risk of burglary. Additionally, smart locks can provide higher resale value if you choose to sell your home.

The secondary concern for smart lock owners is the complication of a second installation. With Lockly smart locks, however, the installation is no more complex than with conventional locks. Additionally, you can manage your entire security inventory from a single dashboard using the Lockly app

Second smart locks can deliver benefits in a number of scenarios. 

Securing an Interior Bedroom or Home Office

Even if you’re securing your family home, you might want to keep certain areas off-limits for younger members or guests. Or you might be living in shared accommodation where friends and acquaintances are coming and going all day. 

Rather than restricting access at the front door, a second lock allows you to secure the parental bedroom, guest room or home office with a discreet lock like the Lockly Secure Pro. Since you can open it with just a fingerprint,smartphone or voice command, it’s less fuss than a keyed lock, but a whole lot more secure because you can see exactly who’s accessed the room 24/7. 

Managing Multi-use Apartments

With soaring rental and house prices, it’s a lot more common to find relative strangers (at first) cohabiting in a shared house. Similarly, the Airbnb model has made us accustomed to (and comfortable with) the idea of staying in a property without the owner present. All we need is a PIN code or fob to gain access. 

Installing a second door lock makes shared spaces secure for all concerned. The main lock on the front door keeps strangers out. The second locks on internal doors give privacy and security to residents. Our new Model 7S Smart Lock is perfect for the job, offering keyless entry, PIN Genie access, and Bluetooth compatibility. 

Securing Rear or Side Doors 

Thieves don’t want to stand on a well-lit front porch in full view of the street. They prefer the obscurity of a side door, or the total privacy of the door that leads from the garage to the home. These are the doors you should be looking to secure in the second phase of your home security plan. Adding an easy-to-install Flex Touch for internal doors is no more difficult to open than turning a handle - providing you’re an authorized user!

Easy Administration with Modes

A common misconception is that each new lock you install adds another layer of complexity. In fact, the second lock is as easy as the first. With the Air Transfer feature of Lockly, you can copy across your saved user profiles or encrypted fingerprints from one lock to another (on supporting models) so that you don’t have to start from scratch with setup. 

Likewise, you can manage your complete set of locks from a single app. Family Mode allows you to sync and monitor all your smart locks at a glance. In just one click, you can transfer access profiles between locks, or lock all doors at once in an emergency. 

Peace of Mind Is Priceless with Lockly

Coming home to find your private property violated is emotionally devastating and financially stressful. Installing your first Lockly smart lock significantly reduces the risk, but adding a second or third smart lock completes your defenses. You can spread the cost with monthly payments if necessary so that you don’t have to count the cost of unauthorized access to your home. 

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