Why Is Keyless Entry Essential for Families?

A person installing keyless entry into a house.


When people think about home security, they often think about alarm systems and surveillance cameras. But the access system you use every day also is an important element in home security to help keep your family safe and ensure everyone has easy access when they need it. 

Especially for families with children, home security can be a challenge. From making multiple copies of your keys—that can then easily be lost—to providing access for guests like babysitters or friends, as your family grows your home access becomes trickier.

Luckily, smart locks enable keyless entry that offers added flexibility for families of all sizes. These devices make it possible to unlock doors in your home in multiple ways—including with a fingerprint, PIN, or via remote unlock—all without needing a physical key. Learn more about keyless access and why it is a must for families. 

What Is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry is made possible by smart locks that allow you to gain entry into a home without using a physical key. Different methods for keyless access include unlocking with PIN numbers, biometric access like fingerprints, or access via a smartphone app. Certain smart locks also have scan-to-open QR codes, ekeys, voice control, or remote unlock features. No matter the smart lock, however, all keyless access devices eliminate the need for physical keys and help make access flexible for families who need it. 

How Does Keyless Entry Work?

Many smart locks are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, allowing them to connect to the internet or a smartphone application. This connection then allows the lock to validate keyless credentials and unlock when the correct keycode or smartphone app is used.

Certain smart locks, like Lockly’s various options, are designed to be offline-first devices. This intentional design choice ensures that your lock isn’t continuously connected to the internet or the cloud, while still ensuring that families and guests can always gain access. Even if your internet connection is interrupted or you don’t have cell phone service, these devices allow families and their trusted guests to always get it. The offline-first design also improves home security because hacking into the lock is nearly impossible without a persistent connection.

Some of Lockly’s smart locks, like the Lockly Model 7S or the Secure Plus, also have Pin Genie technology with a “peep-proof” design. This feature makes it very difficult for intruders or bad actors to guess your PIN and gain unauthorized access to your home. When the keypad is displayed on a Lockly device, you’ll see four buttons, each with three numbers. These numbers are randomly distributed. When the code is entered, either correctly or incorrectly, the digits shuffle, ensuring the button combination continuously changes to avoid repeating patterns that could compromise your home’s security. 

What Are the Benefits of Keyless Access for Families?

Keyless access systems are ideal for families of all shapes and sizes but can be especially beneficial for families with children for several reasons. 

Limited Need for Physical Keys

For families with young children, keys can pose a security risk if they are lost or often left unattended. When keys are lost, locks need to be changed or children can be locked out of their home for extended periods of time—which can lead to unsafe circumstances. Switching to keyless access avoids giving children the burden of carrying keys, while still allowing them to come and go as they please and reduce the occurrence of lockouts. 

Scheduled Access for Trusted Guests

More than half of Americans live within an hour's drive of their extended family, so unexpected visitors are not uncommon—but without the right access system, granting access to these guests can pose a problem. Smart locks and keyless access systems, however, allow homeowners to share different types of access with their guests, like friends and family, or trusted service providers like babysitters.

For example, you can grant certain guests recurring access for frequent visitors. If you have a babysitter come every Friday night at 6 pm, for example, you can adjust your access settings to ensure they can always unlock when they arrive. You can also offer one-time access codes for less frequent visitors like out-of-town relatives, allowing you to maintain your home’s security while still achieving a level of flexibility that helps streamline your day-to-day life. 

Simplified Access for Children

Most children under the age of 10 do not have a smartphone, so depending on a child’s age, certain access methods like a PIN or app may not be practical. Smart locks like Lockly devices offer a wide range of unlock methods to ensure that children of all ages can easily gain access to their homes. Fingerprint access is simple for even young children, while older children can use more advanced methods like voice control or scan-to-open QR codes, offering an unlock solution for everyone’s age and preference. 

Monitor Your Lock From Anywhere

While keyless entry systems make access easier, they also enhance home security. Certain Lockly devices such as Lockly Vision, for example, offer video surveillance and two-way talk capabilities. This video smart lock allows you to not only see who is coming and going from your home but also enables you to speak directly to any guests or unexpected visitors. Video surveillance also allows you to verify trusted guests and remotely share access as needed, ensuring that the people who need access can always get it. 

Easier Access for Your Family

By adding a keyless access system to your home, you’re not only creating a safer environment for your family but also making your life more flexible. Technology like Lockly’s patented PIN Genie, remote unlock, and video monitoring will level up your ability to not only keep tabs on who arrives and when, but also ensure that your family and guests can always get in.  

This added security, convenience, and peace of mind is an invaluable addition to your home that will instantly transform your everyday life. To get started, explore Lockly’s smart home beginner’s guide. Or unlock unmatched flexibility almost instantly, browse Lockly’s extensive devices to discover which smart lock is right for your home and your lifestyle. 

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