Transforming Traditional Locks into Smart Locks with Lockly's Flex Touch Pro Series

Retrofitting a smart lock on a blue door.

It’s a common misconception that if you want to upgrade your home to smart locks, you have to start again from scratch. In fact, you can transform a ‘dumb’ keyed deadbolt lock into a next-generation smart lock in a few minutes with minimal tools. That means you can keep the same master key you and your family all use, but add the option of smart, keyless entry and the whole menu of other innovative features that Lockly are famous for. Here’s how to retrofit your home security easily with Lockly’s Flex Touch Pro series.

How Can I Turn My Traditional Lock into a Smart Lock?

Retrofitting allows you to integrate new technology with legacy engineering that has stood the test of time. The dead bolt mechanism is still one of the most robust ways to secure your entry points. It’s tough enough to frustrate thieves and reliable over the years.

But keyed entry has its limitations. Keys can be lost or copied and there’s a risk involved with leaving a key for a stranger if you’re a property manager or landlord. The ideal solution is to retrofit your solid traditional lock hardware with smart, modern firmware. This enables an extra layer of functionality, access and security. With Lockly, all you have to do to retrofit your lock is insert the module and a cable provided. 

The Benefits of Retrofitting

Retrofitting a traditional lock with smart features allows you to improve convenience, increase security and integrate your lock with smart home systems. You’re upgrading your standard lock to feature:

  • Biometric access
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Door sensors to trigger real time alerts
  • Auto locking
  • Quick open access via app

Since the smart lock is also networked to a hub via WiFi, you can also enable remote access, real-time monitoring, and management through the app. 

Lockly smart lock retrofitted onto a dumb lock.

Retrofitting with Lockly’s Flex Touch Pro Series

Most single cylinder dead bolt locks can be retrofitted with the Flex Touch Pro (and Access Touch). Note that integrated, mortise, rim and double cylinder locks cannot currently be retrofitted. 

A Guide to Step-by-Step Retrofitting

  1. Remove the mounting plate for the existing lock.
  2. Leave deadbolt in place.
  3. Select the mounting plate for Lockly Smart Lock and thread the cable for the fingerprint sensor through the hole.
  4. Adjust the position of the biometric sensor if required.
  5. Reinstall the exterior lock.
  6. Attach the interior mounting plate and connect the sensor cable through the door. 

The above steps can be accomplished with a standard Philips screwdriver and there’s no need for drilling, wiring or measuring

Flex Touch Pro Series features

Our popular Flex Touch Pro series significantly increases your access options with the addition of just a single module. From keyed entry, you can open your lock with your fingerprint, smartphone, or app (remotely). Multiple access options do not come at the expense of security. If anything, security is enhanced, since you can monitor and record smart lock access. With a physical key, by contrast, there is always the possibility that a key could fall into the wrong hands. 

For landlords, Airbnb owners, or office managers, retrofitting represents a fresh, smart start with minimal interruption. Instead of trying to keep track of physical keys, the only element that needs monitoring is the lock itself, whose permissions can be updated or changed as regularly as you choose. 

Ready to retrofit your dead bolt lock? Start your keyless journey to a fully automated smart home with our Flex Touch Pro. It’s an easy-to-implement step on your way to next-generation security including smart video doorbells and Wi-Fi enabled smart locks. 

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