An Upgrade to Your Home That Will Make Your Life Better

One of the most basic human needs is shelter and by extension security, this would mean that in order for us to thrive and survive as humans, we must have a safe roof over our heads. Very logical, after all, what good is a house if it does not offer optimal security?

With several technological breakthroughs and advancements, keeping your home safe has become a lot easier and worry-free, with a huge variety of security and safety options, living in a safe house is as easy as can be, more so with smart locks replacing the traditional safety locks.

What is a smart lock?

Gaining control over the security of your house has developed beyond traditional bolts, locks, and jam-doors to smart locks, very much like the way smartphones have revolutionized the telecommunication world, smart locks are basically electromechanical locks that are designed to perform the traditional unlocking and locking activities that the regular, traditional security locks do. They perform these operations on fixed doors based on control regulations given by the authorized device through a wireless protocol and the cryptographic key. When it comes to security, smart looks are fast becoming the number one choice.

Research shows that houses with technologically advanced security locks are favorable options for renters, that is, your house is more likely to get a paid lease or get sold when it has a smart lock, wonder why? Because smart locks provide remote home security that gives security control to you not even considering your location at any given time.

Before now, home security was grossly inconvenient and burdensome, with bolts, heavy locks, and keys (research shows that house keys top the list of items that get lost most often). With smart locks being linked to smartphones, the process becomes a lot more convenient, people constantly interact with their smartphones already.

The Lockly smart lock is powered by PIN Genie, which is a smart algorithm that has been developed and designed to help secure locks with an operating system that requires a six-digit access code that rotates after every set, making it almost impossible for intruders to guess the access codes to your door.

Lockly smart locks offer you an easy way to enhance the security of your house conveniently with:

  • Multi-user Access
  • Key-Free Convenience
  • Improved Connectivity and Security
  • Remote Access - where ever you are