How to Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Smart Home Design

Interior design smart home.

There’s a common misconception that integrating smart home features into your home means compromising on aesthetics. Far from it. Bulky, branded alarm housings and devices that stick out rather than blend in are on the way out. Today’s smart home design leads with style as a key consideration. Choose wisely, and you can create a smart home design that is contemporary and inspiring to look at, as well as innovative and functional to live in. 

Can You Prioritize Smart Home Design for Aesthetics?

Go back just a few years, and you would have needed the support of an outside contractor or designer to plan and install smart systems for your home. That could limit your ambitions depending on the existing layout of your home and your technical capabilities. 

The new generation of devices, however, don’t require third-party support and are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into your current set-up. 

Below, we walk you through the top tips for designing an aesthetically pleasing smart home. 

Keep Your Entertainment System Discreet

We’re accustomed to video and audio systems that dominate the living room. Yet, this setup ignores the fact that screens, speakers and amplifiers are not in use for much of the time. Even the most expensive systems can look like clutter if the rest of the room is clean and minimalist. 

Modern smart home design allows you to hide screens when not in use and unfurl or project them when you’re ready to watch a movie. Instead of a box or controller in each room, you can manage your home cinema or audio set-up from a remote source that is cleanly stored in a case or stand. Since speakers and sets are continually shrinking in size, they don’t need to take up valuable floor space. Instead, you can mount them into a wall or ceiling or hide them away on a motorized track or rail. 

Get Rid of Remote Controllers and Switches 

One of the key perks of making your home a smart home is that you can manage all connected devices from a single control panel. Doing so allows you to replace all your unsightly remotes and controllers with a single dashboard that you can access from any smartphone or tablet. 

The same goes for switches and dials. These no longer have to be ugly, wall-mounted panels that clash with your interior design. Instead, you can operate, adjust and set timers for your entertainment, heating, lighting and security system by app, tablet or even voice command through an assistant

Enjoy Wireless Networking

Hundreds of meters of cabling running through your home aren’t just affronts to your aesthetic. They also require some serious planning and potentially major disruptions if you want to make changes later. That all changed with secure wireless networking. Now all you have to do is set up your router and control panel, then add each new device as you wish. As long as your network is firewalled, and your control panel is protected by PIN or biometric access, there’s minimal risk of anyone being able to hack it and cause mischief. 

Enhance the Mood with Integrated Devices

Smart systems have an enormous advantage over analog devices in that they can learn about the personal preferences and patterns of each occupant, and leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest settings according to context. For example, you can install smart lighting or heating systems that automatically adjust according to the time of day, ambient temperature, or even the movie you’re watching on your home cinema screen. 

You don’t have to pore over a manual or wrestle with a deck of dials to make changes. Modern smart home design allows you to switch with a snap of your fingers, voice command or simply by entering the room to trigger a motion sensor. 

Smart Home Design with Lockly

Visually appealing security systems haven’t always been a priority for designers - until now. Lockly is proud to offer cutting-edge designs on our range of smart locks so that each device looks clean, contemporary and stylish. You don’t need any specialized skills to integrate these into your home, either. They’re designed to be as easy to install as any other deadbolt locks or surveillance cameras.  

The following smart locks offer a stylish first impression for your smart home design:

Lockly Vision Elite

This next-gen video smart lock uses 3D optics and night vision to allow you to view all visitors from head to toe. Its patented PIN Genie touchscreen ensures codes stay obscured from guessing by shuffling PIN number locations. The sleek design seamlessly integrates doorbell, camera and smart lock 

Access Touch Pro Deadbolt

This deadbolt, launched at CES 2023, allows access by key, fingerprint, smartphone or voice, without requiring an ugly mess of routers and cabling to support function. Sleek and discreet, the lock gives you the option of replacing keyed access with a simple biometric fingerprint sensor for a futuristic first impression. 

Flex Touch Pro Retrofit Smart Lock

Upgrade your existing deadbolt to a keyless deadbolt. That’s a stylish option if you don’t want — or don’t have authorization — to install a standalone smart lock. This Wi-Fi-enabled retrofit was launched at CES 2023 and will be available soon in Spring 2023, blending your smart lock perfectly in with your entryway’s aesthetic. 

Set Up Your Home Design with Lockly

An advanced standard of smart home function coupled with modern design is now more than a bonus feature. Increasingly, it’s the baseline standard home buyers or renters demand. 

With Lockly smart locks, advanced innovation is not out of reach. We help you efficiently turn your home into a smart home, securing your entrance points on the outside and enhancing your living space on the inside. Learn more about our diversified door lock collections here.