Airbnb Tips For Hosts: Smart Home Edition

Airbnb guests at an Airbnb.

By Jackson Armstrong

As an Airbnb host, small touches that wow your guests can mean the difference between a mediocre and a 5-star stay. Smart home gadgets offer convenience while upping your hosting game to stand out from the competition. From smart locks for keyless entry to video doorbells that screen guests, smart tech heightens the guest experience. Here are 5 smart home upgrades to level up your hosting:

How Do Smart Locks Help Airbnb Hosts?

Ditch fumbling with keys and coordinate seamless check-ins with smart locks. Remote access allows contactless check-in so guests simply unlock doors without needing your presence. Popular options like Lockly smart locks further sweeten the deal with capabilities like:

  1. Keypad and biometric unlock for multiple entry options
  2. Digital keys to remotely assign guest access then automatically expire after check-out
  3. Built-in camera so you can remotely verify guests before unlocking doors

Smart locks add convenience for visitors and give hosts assurance even when off-site. Smart locks redefine hospitality. The integration of biometric unlock, digital keys, and a built-in camera not only streamlines access but also elevates the security and personal touch in ways that resonate with the modern traveler.

The Role of Video Doorbells

Take the guesswork out of coordinating arrivals and enhance security with a video doorbell. When guests approach, get real-time notifications to remotely screen visitors before unlocking for contactless check-in. Standout choices like those from Lockly even integrate a doorbell directly into smart locks combining security and convenience. 

Check out the Lockly Vision Elite to learn more.

The real-time screening of guests, seamlessly synchronized with smart locks, not only enhances the security protocol but also adds a layer of sophistication to the check-in process, making every arrival a seamless experience.

Real-time screening also acts as a confirmation of whom has entered your property, which makes for easier insurance claims and security reporting if your guest or unwanted parties has broken house rules or destroyed your property.

Smart Lighting Can Be Key

Set the mood and wow your guests the moment they enter your Airbnb with smart bulbs. Schedule lights to switch on right before check-in so visitors walk into a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to install smart bulbs that let you adjust lighting shades and intensity from your phone.

In a way, smart lighting transforms spaces into experiences. The ability to schedule and customize lighting doesn’t just illuminate rooms—it crafts an ambiance, ensuring that each guest feels an immediate connection to the thoughtfulness embedded in your Airbnb hosting.

Smart Thermostats Save Energy and Money

Give visitors ultimate comfort by letting them control the temperature. Smart thermostats like Nest learn occupant preferences and auto-adjust the climate. Guests will love having customizable control at their fingertips while hosts save on energy bills.

Smart thermostats can adapt to the unique preferences of each guest. The fusion of technology and comfort becomes evident as guests gain personalized control, forging an experience that is not just welcoming but intimately tailored to their desires.

Smart Speakers Amp Up The Experience

The modern touch of smart speakers completes the high-tech ambiance. Guests can play music, get information, or control smart devices using just their voice. Splurge on premium speakers like Google Home Max placed in primary rooms for immersive, theater-like sound.

Smart speakers give guests a voice-activated concierge service. The investment in premium sound technology isn’t just about music; it's about creating an immersive atmosphere that enhances the overall stay, turning every room into a personalized sanctuary.

Airbnb tips for hosts via the Lockly Secure Pro.

Embrace The Smart Hosting Advantage

Smart technology delivers convenience plus the wow factor to amplify your hosting. With smart locks for keyless entry, video doorbells that double security, and smart devices that create futuristic homes, guests get a clean, automated experience while hosts streamline operations. The right devices can minimize hosting labor without compromising lavish stays.

And options like Lockly integrate beautifully as they focus innovation specifically for rental properties and Airbnbs. Their smart locks even include built-in cameras, remote digital keys, and self-expiring guest codes—custom-made for the hosting needs of busy Airbnb owners.

As competition heats up within increasingly crowded rental markets, stay ahead by doubling down on smart home technology to dazzle your guests. With the latest gadgets that automate hosting headaches away, you can spend more time creating the dream experience for your visitors. Welcome your clients into the modern, convenient future of Airbnb hosting.


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