Why Are Electronic Doors Worth the Investment?

An electronic door lock worth the investment.

For people that prefer to make efficient use of all their time, electronic doors are much better than conventional key-lock doors. There are different kinds of electronic locks that use different digital systems. Let’s get into the kinds of electronic doors, their benefits and whether or not they’re worth the investment.

Kinds of Electronic Doors

Biometric locks use fingerprint scanners, while some digital locks can open up using a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Another kind are motorized mechanical locks that are hybrids. In these, the outside opens with a key but the inside is self-locking or digital.

The most common ones we see are automatic wireless systems most often used with car keys. Another common type is one with access control usually opened with a keycard or other.

As you can tell, there are different kinds of electronic doors. Let’s get into the advantages of these kinds of doors now.

8 Benefits of Electronic Doors

The way all time and effort optimizing tech has its benefits, so do electronic doors and digital locks. Electronic doors, like those offered by Lockly, provide enhanced security and convenience that make them well worth the investment for many homeowners and businesses.

Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Optimized time: With these, you don’t need to scrounge around your pockets or handbags looking for your keys. A simple touch or the press of a button is enough.
2. Safety: You can access the history of the lock if and when you suspect that someone may have broken in or tampered with your door.
3. Remote access: You can change access rights, look at access history, and more simply with your app.
4. Enhanced Security: Electronic locks allow you to control and monitor who has access to your home or business. Features like fingerprint scanners, app control, and activity logs help prevent unauthorized entry.
5. Flexibility:  With an electronic lock system, you can easily provide temporary access to visitors like dog walkers or repairmen without having to give out a physical key. 
6. Keyless Convenience: There's no need to carry around or hide physical keys that could get lost, stolen, or copied. Instead, you can use fingerprints, passcodes, or your smartphone to unlock. This is much more convenient, especially if your hands are full.
7. Smart Home Integration: Many electronic locks readily connect with smart home platforms like Alexa or Google Home for voice control and automation. This allows you to check the lock status or lock/unlock the door with a simple voice command.
8. Energy Efficiency: Some electronic locks use less energy than traditional mechanical locks. Keyless operation also means you won't accidentally leave your door unlocked overnight. This improves home energy efficiency.
An electronic door lock in a home.

While electronic locks often require a higher upfront investment, the security, flexibility, convenience, integration, and efficiency they provide make them worthwhile upgrades for many homes and businesses. The peace of mind and optimized access alone are compelling reasons to consider an electronic lock system.

It’s time to invest in some optimized safety and get yourself a Lockly electronic door now!