What to Do During a Break In

How does a home invasion happen? It’s either one of two scenarios. One, it happens after your home’s physical security was defeated. Two, it’s because your inadequate or faulty security failed to foil the invader from breaking in.

Increasing your home’s physical security is one way to keep you and your family safe. However, it won’t matter that much if your security does not work or used correctly. When you find yourself in the situation of a break in, here are some of the things that can help you survive.

Make Your Home a Hard Target

The first thing to do is not make your home an easy target for burglary and home invasions. Do this by getting enough external lighting, not just in one source. If you can, get dogs or security dogs as a line of defense. Get as much visibility from the road unless you are in the country.

Dog Looking at Something

While canines, motion detectors, lighting, and alarms are essential safeguards, know that nothing is ever guaranteed. In that case, don’t let your guard down just because you have these. Make sure to always to check that your security measures are working.

Sometimes, we simply forget to lock the front door. In those instances, a smart lock can help prevent an intruder from slipping inside. By default, Lockly is set to automatically bolt the door after 30 seconds after unlocking, although this feature may be turned off.

Create a Safe Room

Before the event of a break in, make sure to have created a “safe room” in your house where your family can go to at the first sign of an intruder breaking into your place. Your safe room must have a deadbolt lock that the last person to enter can easily lock.

The safe room must lead to some part of the house where you and your family can escape out of, either through windows or back doors. Establish with every family member pre-planned routes to get to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

Inside the safe room, it would be great to have a piece of furniture that can be used to bar the door. If you can, also place some 4x4 lengths of lumber that can be used to leverage the furniture to the far wall. This way, you can further ensure that the door won’t budge so easily.

Create a Distress Code

Prepare a distress code beforehand. You can do this with your neighbors, relatives or with your alarm company. In case someone calls or your alarm was triggered, you can use the code to signal trouble. Use simple phrases that are easily understood or you can choose not to answer, thus alerting the alarm company.

Emergency Call

Weapon Options

It’s your choice and right to own a firearm. But before you do, make sure you are adequately trained in its use, both physically and mentally. There is a higher percentage of an intruder fleeing if they see you with a gun. If you are using a firearm, make sure to keep it loaded and nearby.

Besides a gun, other things can be used as a weapon as well. You can use pepper spray when you need to escape. However, know that this also carries risk to you as it can cause choking, nausea, coughing, and temporary blindness.

When it comes to a home invasion, your priority is your family’s safety. As soon as you can, make sure to call your local police department. If you encounter the intruder, stay calm and level-headed to avoid violence. The key to surviving this is to prepare and staying objective throughout the ordeal.