Top Techie Gift Suggestions for Mother’s Day

 We can only imagine the number of responsibilities and hard work mothers has to go through when taking care of their families. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, here are some gift ideas to show your love and appreciation to the queen of the house. A word of caution to the spouses and children though, be sure to check the delivery dates of your items to make sure your presents arrive on time!

Happy Mothers Day

Tracking Device

If your mom is the type who often misplaces her personal items, a Bluetooth tracking device is a perfect gift for her. This is a small and easy-to-use gadget that mom can stick on all her prized possessions. If she loses an item, all she has to do is locate it through the app and the tracking device will be there to save the day. came up with “The Best Bluetooth Trackers 2020” article.

See if any of these trackers suits your mom. 


Voice-Activated Device

voice-activated home device is a versatile gift that’s perfect for any type of mom out there. If she wants to keep in touch with family and friends, play music, or listen to audiobooks, this gizmo has all the features that can help do it all. What’s even better is that she can do all these hands-free. With just the use of her voice, she can command the device to launch a task in mind.

Staying entertained while doing other activities? That’s no problem because mom can multitask it all! can give you an idea on what device is worth purchasing for mom because it recommends the top voice-activated devices available in the market in its article “The AHS Top 10: Best “Smart Home” Voice-Control Devices.


Online Course Subscription 

Why not provide mom with the gift of learning? Subscription-based courses offer instructional videos from leading experts in their respective fields. This gives mom the opportunity to pick up a new skill at the comfort of her own time, pace and place. Mothers will surely appreciate this gesture of gifting her an online course subscription because it is never too late to learn something new. with its article “8 Great Online Courses for Moms: Reviews from a Working Mama Who Took Them All” can give you an idea on what classes to help mom subscribe in as these are insights from a mother as well.


 All About The Smart Lock Secure Pro

Gifting mom a smart lock would surely do her wonders, as she can be assured of the household’s safety whether she’s at home or outside. The Smart Lock Secure Pro makes for the ideal choice for Mom. 

For working moms who are always on-the-go, accessing the smart lock right from her phone wouldn’t be a problem. Apps such as the LOCKLY® application would allow her to easily check and control the status of the smart lock, eliminating the stress of being unsure if the house was left unlocked. 

With Lockly’s built-in alarm feature, moms would easily be notified if their curious toddlers are playing with the locks. This prevents children from going out of the house unsupervised, and would also avoid any accidents waiting to happen.

Loving your mother could be expressed in so many ways, and one way of showing it is by prioritizing the safety of the entire family.

As a thank you to our moms who never get tired of giving us the best life, Lockly has decided to put $20 OFF on all items that cost $200+. Make sure to greet your mom a Happy Mothers’ Day! 

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