Smart Pet Security (Because They’re Family, Too)

A pet benefiting from smart pet security.

Just about every day of their lives, pets make our day-to-day better (OK, excluding an accident here or there, but that’s just because they just get too excited!). Like for any other member of the family, we’d give the world to keep our furry companions safe, and when rickety old pet gates and doggie doors just won’t cut it, smart home security has your four-legged friends – and their caretakers – covered. Make pet security a part of your smart home safety plan with easy access for caregivers, remote locks that conveniently let your pets come and go, and HD cameras for monitoring from anywhere. 

Smart Home Security Tips for Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner, chances are your algorithm has already inundated you with all sorts of smart home pet tech, and maybe you’ve even already got your paws on some. By and large, smart pet devices focus on owner convenience and pet health, with gadgets like self-cleaning litter boxes, automated feeders, collar-mounted GPS trackers and the ever-popular pet camera (more on those later). 

Smart pet security, on the other hand, usually leverages people-oriented smart home security systems to benefit our pets, too. Let’s explore how Lockly’s own best-in-class smart home security lineup can make a dog’s life even sweeter, or a cat’s nap even more worry-free. What are they thinking about, anyway?

Accommodate Pet Sitters with Smart Home Access

With smart locks like the Lockly Secure Pro and beyond, fully remote, app-powered entry access is in your hands, anywhere there’s a wi-fi connection. That means you can let the dog walker, pet sitter, groomer or mobile vet in the door from anywhere in the world (and if you’ve got a camera-equipped smart lock like the Lockly Vision, you can even take a peek to confirm their identities). 

Don’t want to be on-call? No problem. With fingerprint readers that remember tons of profiles, revocable access codes, eKeys and eBadges, temporary access for pet care staff is a breeze. Just grant access  with a specified expiration date via the Lockly app and send the eKeys to your petsitter’s phone to set up access ahead of time.

Keep an Eye Out with Smart Cams and Motion Sensors

Pet cameras offer a dedicated solution to pet monitoring, with spinning cams that can be placed where pets hang out most when you’re gone (think cozy living rooms for dogs or near big windows for cats), feeder cams that dispense treats and even cameras that include two-way talk features so your pets don’t get too lonely. 

With the full-HD, night-vision-equipped smart camera built into the Lockly Vision Elite smart lock, pet security just got a whole new pair of eyes – and it’s already included with your cutting-edge smart security system. If you’ve got porch pets, you can stream live footage of your buddies from your phone or even remind them that they’re a good boy via two-way audio. Night vision and secure internal video storage can be crucial for helping track down escape artists, too.   

Use Smart Pet Doors for Added Convenience

Speaking of escape artists, a new kind of tech gives pets more freedom while keeping them safely indoors when needed: smart pet doors. As an upgrade to the traditional pet door for outdoorsy furry friends in rugged spaces, some of the latest electronic pet doors aren’t just weather and windproof, they can be set to options like out only, in only, fully locked or full access. Meanwhile, some gadgets interface with collar-mounted microchips or magnets to grant your pets – and only your pets – easy access, ideal for pets that you trust to come and go. 

Enhance Pet Security with Smart Locks

With Lockly’s lineup of smart locks, your home pet security just got safer, easier and a whole lot more convenient. Alongside granting temporary, remote access to petsitters, dog walkers, vets and other caregivers (or even just the bestie who agreed to feed your cat while you’re on vacay) and keeping an eye out via live and recorded video monitoring, smart locks bolster the sense of home safety that a good guard dog already provides. 

Even when you’re taking the dog out for a walk in a hurry, smart home security takes a load off by auto-locking entryways behind you. Don’t have room to grab the keys alongside the leash, doggie bags and portable water bowl? No worries – peek-proof pin pads and 3D biometric fingerprint readers make old-school keys a thing of the past, so there’s no more fumbling with locks while your buddy’s getting all wrapped around your legs on the way back into the house.

With Lockly smart locks, pet owners will also receive real-time notifications when a door is locked or unlocked, as well as instant alerts when someone enters or exits your home. That way, you can feel connected to your pets at all times, giving you peace of mind while enhancing your pet’s safety and well-being. Especially for pets that are easily frightened or prone to running away, video doorbell smart locks like the Vision Elite allow you to keep an eye on the property should your furry friend escape.

What’s more, pet owners can track access history via the Lockly App to monitor who is coming and going throughout the day. By monitoring when your pet sitter or dog walker visits, you can confirm they are providing the best quality care and attention for your pet. 

Create a Smart Home Security Plan for Your Pet

According to the American Heart Association, 95 percent of pet owners rely on their animal companions for stress relief. That’s reassurance that you can’t put a price on, and all the more reason to make sure your pet stays safe at home. That takes a comprehensive pet security plan, which should include:

  • Childproof latches to keep cabinets safe from prying paws
  • Secure trash can lids for the same reason – keeps the contents safe from the pet and the pet safe from the contents
  • Pet cams or smart cams like the Lockly Vision to check in on pets from anywhere
  • Covered and well-managed electrical cables and cords that don’t tempt playful cats or teething dogs
  • Secure smart pet doors that offer indoor-outdoor pets access while keeping unwanted critters out
  • Pet-safe houseplants that won’t harm your companions if ingested
  • Harmful chemicals, like cleaning and home maintenance supplies or medications, safely out of reach and stowed
  • Pet-friendly smart locks such as the Lockly Vision Elite or Secure Pro that implement key pet security features such as revocable eKeys and Online Access Codes for remote pet caregiver access, easy one-touch entry with the award-winning 3D biometric fingerprint sensor and auto-locking for pet owners on the go  

A Safe Future With Your Best Friends

As of 2023, Forbes estimates that there are about 83.7 to 88.9 million dogs and up to 61.9 million cats living in the United States alone, and the same source reports that we spend about $136.8 billion per year on our favorite fuzzballs. It couldn’t be more clear that we’re absolutely pet-obsessed, but with fully-featured smart locks like the Lockly Secure Plus starting at $249.99, you won’t have to break the bank to keep your trusty companions safe. 

Our pets enrich our lives in more ways than we can count. With Lockly’s smart home security taking pet security to a new level, from monitoring to remote access to auto-locking and beyond, it’s our turn to enrich theirs. Give Lockly a bark today for a free consultation.

Dan is a Dallas-based freelance and small business writer with more than a decade of experience. In the tech and business worlds, he’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with Samsung, Verizon, Motley Fool, USA Today, Linksys, Vizio and many more. 


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