Must-have Accessories for a Simple But Effective Work From Home Set-up

Live out your best WFH life with these items

The COVID-19 global pandemic shook the world at the start of 2020, giving countless companies no choice but to make the shift to working from home. Physical meetings have turned into talking to people on screens and on-site team meetings have turned into online collaborations.
We’re still in the early stages of figuring out this new setup, scrambling how to incorporate our work lives into our homes. The easiest way to navigate this transition is to establish a specific space meant only for work—this helps create a productive environment that makes you feel you’re still in a physical office.

Working from Home in the Age of Covid-19
Aside from the usual (computer, keyboard, mouse etc.), here are a few of our other accessory recommendations  that will help improve your work from home experience:

Eliminate aches with the proper set-up

In a work from home setup, your desk is the base of operations and your chair is the seat of command. When you find yourself in the same position for extended periods of time you may experience body aches or strains that can hinder productivity if you’re not careful.
Two top things to consider are a good chair and an adjustable desk.  Ergonomic chairs are designed with maximum lumbar support that relieves back pain and lets you focus on your tasks at hand. A good standing desk that adjust from sitting to standing height lets you be more mobile, allowing you to switch between a sitting and standing position throughout your workday. These two things alone can be game changing terms of comfort, saftey and productivity.
A 2003 study found that employees who were given an ergonomic chair reported fewer negative symptoms throughout the day and a total increase in productivity of 17.7%.

Even with a good chair and desk, always make sure to rotate through various positions throughout the day in order to minimize back and joint pain.

Speed up your WFH process wireless charging

Charging your phone has never been easier. Many of today's wireless chargers not only charge your phone but act as a phone stand providing hands-free screen viewing. In fact, a wireless charger can also accommodate other devices such as your tablet, smartwatch, and multiple brands of smartphones. Added bonus, they eliminate multiple charging cables that clutter your workspace.
You’ll also be doing your smartphone a big favor, since wireless charging puts no strain on the charging port of your phone. Just drop your phone in and never have to worry about whether your charged or not for that important conference call.

Hands-free productivity

Instead of keeping your phone glued to your ear, keep both hands free with the help of a Bluetooth headset that will allow you to multitask and increase productivity. Bluetooth range runs up to 33 feet giving you some roaming space outside of your home office set-up. Great for hands-free note-taking or even making a snack while on a call with workmates.
To add to this, you can use your headset for music as well. Studies show that listening to music while working allows us to complete tasks faster and with better quality— so make sure you play your favorite tunes from time to time to help you get energized for day ahead.
If you don’t have a playlist of your own, here’s one of our favorites: 

Using the cloud for file management and collaborative workflow

Have you ever stored files on a USB stick only to be betrayed by its faulty hardware? Maybe it’s time to start exploring the world of online storage technology.
Not only can they suddenly stop working, USBs and other port-occupying technology aren't as safe compared as cloud storage. The benefit of utilizing cloud storage is that you can avoid having your files lost from a malfunctioning or corrupted drive and your files are accessible from any Internet connected computer or compatible device.
Providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and LiveDrive offer free storage which can be upgraded when or if you need more storage. Collaborating with your team online becomes a breeze when using cloud storage technology, since most of these have simultaneous document sharing and features such as auto-saving and version control.

“Alexa, put this on the list.”

 With our fast-paced technology laden worlds often clients are all over us with requests, revisions, meeting appointments, etc. Aside from doing your actual job, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with all the little things we have to keep track of.
Luckily, executives aren’t the only ones that can have their own personal assistants. Smart Assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home can help out in organizing tasks, remind you of the meetings that you have, and take note of the important things you come up with while you’re working.
These smart assistants are also very capable of automating your household. For example you can check to see if your front door is locked or unlocked. Accidentally leaving something on like lights or the thermostat is no longer a problem —a Smart Assistant can sense this and simply turn it off for you.
As the world continues to evolve and move faster on a daily basis, it’s not bad to have a Smart Assistant around.

Complete your WFH set up with home automation

To keep your home (and now your office) safe and private, home automation technology such as a smart lock will get the job done.

Smart locks innovate security by allowing a more secure and convenient way of dealing with home security. The Lockly Secure Pro sets the standard for home security carrying these unique features:

Smart assistant integration and remote control

The Lockly Secure Pro makes it easy for us to control our home security through our smart assistants. All you need is to pair your lock with the smart assistant app on your phone, and you’re good to go!

Multi-user access code security

Lockly can store multiple access codes, and even distinguish between administrator, user, and guest codes. Even better, the Lockly Secure Pro can store up to 99 fingerprints!

Peek-proof touchscreen technology

For added privacy and security, the Lockly Secure Pro keypad uses on-screen digits that are randomly displayed. This makes sure that no one in the vicinity can get your access code.

For most of us, a change to a work from home setup can seem daunting, but hopefully these tips can make the transition easier for you. Good luck and have a productive day!


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