Tips for Holiday Home Safety

The holiday season is the best time to celebrate love, happiness, friends, and family. It is the perfect time to have quality bonding experiences with your loved ones. From gift giving to sumptuous foods, you will definitely get excited whenever the holidays gets close.

Apart from thorough preparation for the gift ideas, party details, and other exciting activities during holidays, you also need to invest your time and energy ensuring that you, your family, and property are completely safe and secure.

By making sure you are taking extra precautions against some common situations that may arise will give you peace of mind and help you celebrate the holidays safely.

Here are several pointers to have holiday home safety:


Who doesn’t love to see those colorful and festive lights and decorations? But, the beauty that decorations and lightings offer can be accompanied with danger. It is essential for you to follow safety precautions to celebrate happier and safer.

Putting Up the Christmas Lights

To ensure that everyone and everything is safe with lighting and holiday decorations, put your lights on a timer and keep the Christmas tree watered regularly to prevent fire. A dry Christmas tree is extremely flammable, and will ignite very quickly if caught on fire. If you have an artificial tree, make sure it is made of flame-resistant material.

When it comes to lighting, perform checks for damaged wires or bulbs that could cause a spark. Keep candles away from decorations and the tree. Keep mistletoe berries, which are poisonous, away from children and pets.


You can never underestimate the advantage of having a smart lock. The smart technology from this lock offers you an incomparable safety and security solution. Your smartphone will allow you to monitor who’s coming and going, when at home, in your office, or anywhere you are.

With the help of smart lock, you can gain peace of mind and confidence that whether you are at home or not, everything is safe and secure. Lockly’s automatic locking feature (which you can disable), you will never have to double back home to make sure you locked the front door.


During holidays seasons, the hearth of your fireplace can be an ideal place to keep warm and cozy in cold weather. Make sure to keep your chimney clean and clear of buildups or obstructions, which may result in the smoke from your fireplace being trapped inside your home. Smoke from the fireplace will not only dirty up your home, but also contains dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can result in death if breathed in excess.

Christmas Stocking Hanging by the Chimney

Buildup in the chimney is extremely flammable, and may result in a dangerous house fire. Always do a deep clean of your chimney before the first usage of the season.


Are you planning to have a holiday vacation? Then, it is best to notify your trusted neighbor. Your neighbor will serve as your eyes on your empty house. If an emergency occurs, they can immediately  notify you. If you are friendly with them, you could also potentially ask them to bring in your mail, as piled up mail is a good indicator to would be burglars that you are home for a prolonged period of time.

Mail Box