Tips and Tricks to Make Any Room Look Bigger

If you’ve lived in a small apartment or have been a student in a dorm before, you know the struggles of making a small room look bigger than its normal size. Whether it is a bedroom with barely enough space to fit a bed or a living room that also has to be a dining area that accommodates a TV, it isn’t an easy task.

That being said, there are simple tricks you can try to make any room appear spacious. There are many easy solutions to make the small space of your room look more inviting, stylish, and chic. On that note, here are a few tips and tricks you can try to make your small room more airy and larger.

Home Decor - Plants, Picture Frames, Books, and a Candle

  • Light Colored Walls

It’s generally known that light colors can make any room look bigger and brighter. The reason is that they are more reflective of light, therefore making a space to feel airy and open. With light-colored walls, you can maximize the effects of natural light. Choosing soft tones of blue, green, and off-white will help create the maximum impact of making rooms bigger and inviting.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors, if placed correctly, can do wonders. Use it as a focal point and put in the right angle to create an illusion of depth. Like light-colored walls, you can use mirrors to reflect both artificial and natural light, which makes any room appear brighter day or night. Mirrors can also create the illusion that there is more space in the room, while they are merely reflecting the existing space.

Sunshine's Reflection in the Bedroom

  • Multiple Lighting Sources

The brighter your room looks, the bigger it will feel. In that case, provide various lighting sources in your room, instead of using one centralized light source. The goal is to bring light to all the shadowy corners of your room so don’t be afraid to use wall scones. Make sure not to use too many large lamps, as this would take up too much space.

Apartment Bedroom

  • Rugs

The use of rugs is a great way to make rooms look big.  Rugs help define the space in your room by creating visual starts and stops. As with wall color, lighter rugs help reflect light and make the room appear bigger. If you choose a rug with a pattern, choose a small pattern for a smaller room—unless you don’t have much furniture, in which case, you can use a larger pattern.

  • Double Duty Furniture

Keeping your room organized and tidy will help make any room spacious. Too much stuff can make a place feel cramped, but with a neat arrangement, you can make any room bigger. There are many pieces that can do double duty, such as an ottoman with storage space inside or a basket to hold items while serving as a decorative piece.

Blanket on a Basket

These simple tips are tried and tested for making a small room feel airy and spacious. Even though space is limited, you can make it feel open, so it doesn’t feel cramped when you’re inside. This way, you can still feel comfortable having people inside your room even with limited space.